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  • BTW...This site is BEAUTIFUL!!! BLESSINGS 2 U Martin! 8=))
  • Sorry I haven't made it to any events yet. You know with all those book signings and fighting through mobs of fans, producers,directors, etc....It's hard being ME! Looking forward to getting plugged in soon! HUGS adoring fans!...Heck...HUGS to those of you who are just FUTURE FANS! Headin on out to my self esteem workshop!
  • Nope, haven't seen any info so far.
  • thanks for the welcome! right now, i'm just looking to meet new film-makers so i can have more projects to work on, and people to talk to about film and such. i've uploaded a few videos of projects i've worked on, and hope to get some more stuff to add soon.
  • Hey Marty! sorry I missed you this Holiday season.
    Im sure Ill cya around Soon...
  • Hey Martin, thanks for the comment on the blog. We actually had to push back our production for a couple of reasons. One is that we're going to incorporate green screen into the film, which we're learning and fine tuning now. The other is that I couldn't get any actor response! Really surprised me...maybe because of the Holidays?
  • Hey Marty,
    I'm on withoutabox, getting ready to submit "Zombies...A Love Story" to your film festival. Any chance of getting a fee waiver, brotha?
    Thnx (and Happy New Year!),
  • Hi Martin. Thank you for inviting me to join. I love this site. There are many interesting people in here. Take care. I will talk to you soon.
  • Our current episode of The 916 is still in post production. It should be done soon.
  • Current projects? NOT the 48 hour this year I guess, as you've scheduled it for Valentine's weekend Again. Too bad, I was really looking forward to the shoot.
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