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The Early Years:

In 1993 a group of Sacramento-based screenwriters had a vision to create an organization that would support the professional development of its members and establish the region as the capital of California's independent cinema movement. "Writers Block North" as it was known, became the first film support organization in the capital. Our mission, as a year-round non-profit cultural and educational organization, is to create understanding between people of diverse cultures through the art of cinema and showcase Northern California as a dynamic place to both shoot and exhibit film. We serve Sacramento’s diverse and under-served populace through access to and the fostering of world-class cinema. To this day, CFF remains the only organization in Sacramento dedicated to engaging both its members and the general public in a lifelong understanding of film history and film culture.


The Birth of CFF:

Over the years the mission has grown to support writers and filmmakers throughout California.  In 1998 the group changed its name to Northern California Writers and Artists, then later to the Northern California Film Foundation and finally to the California Film Foundation (CFF). Thanks in part to strategic partnerships, we now support filmmakers throughout California and beyond, promoting film as art and as an economic and civic benefit. The modern CFF is an unincorporated, not-for-profit arts association developing and supporting year-round screenings and special projects like The Sacramento Film Festival, Cine Soul, the Sacramento Black Film Festival and Cine Latino, the Sacramento Latino Film Festival. In addition, we offer our members continuing education workshops they can not find elsewhere. If you are a screenwriter, director, actor, producer or artist, you should consider...


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Member Benefits:

1) Access to  and support from Industry professionals

2) A personal page on our website to use as a "Resume"  or "digital calling card" to attract business, financing and talent

3) Weekly notifications of opportunities in the film industry

4) Discounted and free film education training

5) Discounted access to Film Festivals, Expos and film premieres

6) Mixers, parties and networking events with industry professionals

7) Info and support take your career to the next level



CFF Organizing Leadership:

Dr. Jorge Santana - Sacramento State University

Dr. Lew Hunter - Dean Emeritus, UCLA Film Dept.

Vincent Dee Miles - Actor, Director

Marc Clebanoff - Award-Winning Filmmaker

Louis Mandylor - Actor, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

Robert Matteolli - Screenwriter and co-founder

Richard Broadhurst - Screenwriter, Playwright, Actor

Jeffrey Weissman - Actor

Martin Anaya - Executive Director




Meet Our Guests:

CFF has members and speakers from literally all over the world. As a completely integrated social experience, we provide our members with the opportunity to explore the filmmaking related crafts and network with other film professionals. Our members and speakers are a whose-who of California Filmmaking including:



Timothy Bottoms

ACTOR - The Last Picture Show, Pound of Flesh
The oldest of four talented acting siblings, all born and raised in Santa Barbara, California -- Timothy Bottoms bloomed as a Youth Theater Production member that in 1967 toured Europe.  Following high school, Bottoms was spotted by Universal in a stage production of Romeo and Juliet and chosen -- with no prior film experience -- for a lead part in Director Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun (1971).  As Joe, a young American soldier who is shelled and left armless and legless on the last day of World War I, Bottoms received brilliant reviews and earned a Golden Globe nomination as “Most promising Newcomer.” The role of Texas boy Sonny in Peter Bogdanovich’s Oscar winner, The Last Picture Show (1971), propelled Tim into the big leagues.

Michael Madsen

ACTOR - Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs
Madsen first learned his craft at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, where he worked under John Malkovich, one of the theater's founders. His work received considerable notice after his knife-edged performance as deranged killer Vince Miller in Kill Me Again (1989) and then as Susan Sarandon's rough-edged boyfriend Jimmy in Thelma & Louise (1991). His big breakthrough, however, came as the sadistic jewel thief Mr. Blonde in Quentin Tarantino's low-budget hit Reservoir Dogs (1992).

Not to be typecast, Madsen surprised many with his performance as foster parent Glen Greenwood in the hit family movie Free Willy (1993) before returning to deliver edge-of-the-seat performances in Donnie Brasco (1997), Mulholland Falls (1996), and High Noon (2000, TV). In 2003 he teamed up again with Tarantino for both volumes of Tarantino's magnum martial arts/revenge opus Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) and Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004).

Joe Carnahan

DIRECTOR - The A-Team, Smokin' Aces, Narc
Before becoming a Hollywood heavy-hitter -- and even before his work freelancing for ESPN and Fox Sports -- Carnahan began his career as a community producer and intern at Access Sacramento, cutting his teeth on small direct-to-tape movie projects while honing his craft at Sac State. He also worked as an editor at Sacramento's Channel 31 while writing and directing his first feature, Blood Guts, Bullets and Octane that screened at the earlier incarnation of SFF, the Sacramento Festival of Cinema. SFF and Norcal Film would later co-sponsor the 2007 world premiere of Smokin' Aces. The star-studded event featured a performance by rapper Common and visits from the film's star Jeremy Piven and Sacramento's own Chris Holley.

John Daly

PRODUCER - Terminator, The Last Emperor, Platoon
Producer John Daly stood behind many big-budgeted independent films of the '80s and '90s and sustained a reputation as a successful risk-taker in a traditionally conservative Hollywood. Though considered a maverick by many moguls given his willingness to back films that the big studios wouldn't touch, Daly remained a savvy businessman with a sharp eye for moneymakers.

He demonstrated astonishing skill as a moviemaker and unveiled a predilection for standing behind directors in whom he believed - including Robert Altman (Images), Ken Russell (Tommy), Bernardo Bertolucci (Best Picture winner The Last Emperor) , James Cameron (Terminator), and Oliver Stone (Salvador and Best Picture winner Platoon).

Vicky Jenson

DIRECTOR - Shrek, Shark Tale
Starting out as a cel painter at Hanna Barbera for shows like The Flintstones and Smurfs, Jenson continued to hone her craft, designing backgrounds and storyboards for animated series He-Man, Taz-Mania, Batman, and Jem.

Jenson joined Dreamworks in 1996, where she served as a story artist on Chicken Run and later directed Shark Tale and Shrek. Jenson's talent isn't limited to animation, however. Her live-action short Family Tree premiered at Sundance and won a multitude of awards between 2003 and 2004.


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