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  • Thank you sir.

    Right back atcha.


  • Hey Marti! Just drop'n a line to say hi and thanks for the invite to the movie the other night! Though I was unable to make it that time, I really appreciated the thought.

    Did you get to see the film Cougar Crush I had the privilege of working on? From what I know about it, it is a crack up!! If it wont be imposing on any rules, let me know what you thought of my work, you know, a critique just on what I did.Not try'n to find out anything about the competition or anything like that of course.If you can't say,I'll understand. Well until the screening, see ya in the funny papers!

  • Hi Marti! Johneen here, say, I was looking on the site for the time of the screening on the 9th. Can you let me know what time it is to take place, and what is the attire for the event. Is it like Red Carpet, Black and white formal, or just come as you are style?

    Thanks. By the way, I had a blast shooting Cougar Crush! I'm catching on to how this whole thing works, I think...Hope to hear from you soon, Johneen

  • :)
  • Hi Martin,


    I'd like to come to the film festival, but this year I can only make it for the last day, 4/17.  But I can't find the information as to the exact location, time, and ticket price.

  • Thanks Martin, I am definitely going to be at the next meeting! :)


  • Just a little something to remember me by! See you soon, Johneen
  • Thank you, yes I'd like to attend the cast and crew call Friday.  I just moved up here from Los Angeles, and would like to meet artists like myself...
  • Thanks Martin!   I hope to make it to the Sacramento Film Festival.
  • Glad the organization is still around!
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