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  • Good morning Martin. I'm sorry, I will not be able to make the meeting tonight, but please keep me posted on the next. Take care and have a beautiful Friday. :-)
  • Hey M !!! Maybe......FUNNY!!! = )!!
  • Hi Marti,

    I hope it went well lst night. Sorry I couldn't make it. When is the next event r writers meeting? As for what I am up, I am on a "Crowd Funding" mission. We are facing $5,000 in retainer fees that stands between us getting what need to do the feature length version of Matters of Life. So I need extrodinary ideas on how to drive people to our page and more so than just going, getting them to fork over $10. We are placing the names of all those who do in the credits of the film.
  • He's out of town.
  • Thank you! I really appreciate the warm welcome. :)
  • M,
    Looking forward to it. I sent you an email as well.
  • Thank you for the warm welcome Martin!
  • Ooops! I accidentally deleted your comment Martin. Not Russell Nichols wrote it and Jennifer produced. Any votes you can send my way I'd appreciate man. Thanks!
  • Martin, you rock! What a wealth of knowledge you have! Thank you. -R
  • Thank you for the welcome, Martin!...I appreciate that!

    Of course I would LOVE to be considered for the's always the money. Oh why? Oh why?! Lack of talent or some other reason would be easier to deal with, but not having the cash, truly sucks! The flight and the fees...but, give me some time and I'll get there.
    What is your number one "thing" that you do in the film industry? I mean what do you work on the most? Do you run the Sacramento Film Festival? --Please forgvie me for not knowing....if I should know...I am out here in KS. -R
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