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  • Hey girlie,

    you gonna participate in 48 hour film?

  • Hi Cecile,
    I'd like to invite you to a very important mixer event for our black and brown film professionals in town. It's the Urban Film Maker's Summit: Oct. 23rd at 6:30pm. Venue is Carols Books at 1903 Del Paso blvd.

    This unique mixer/meeting will feature food, networking and a conversation on what opportunties exist for actors, film makers and related artists.. Plus, we'll highlight the Cine Soul and Cine Latino upcoming film festivals!

    Please consider yourself my special guest. no cost but we do ask for a solid RSVP to know how many we can plan for.

    all detail is at:

    All the best,

  • Sure hope so! It would be about time ;)
  • Heu girl!

    Hope to see you tomorrow night's CFF meeting. Will u be bringing any Balwin Brothers ? ;)

  • So we gonna get to see you at this Film Fest? Maybe Cine Soul perhaps? I'm even GIVIN tickets away just to get you down here!
  • Great smile!
  • Hi Cecile,
    welcome to the party. Listen, at the bottom of the page is a "CHAT BAR". I'm online now. Open it up and raise the volume control and you'll hear me tryin to buzz you.
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