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  • I added my trailer for "To Save One's Self". Cheers!

  • Thanks for the welcome, Martin!  And especially for the encouragement.  I look forward to all that is approaching this month and beyond.  :) 

  • I will have photos and a trailer for you soon...
  • Hey Martin I have been trying to contact you. I need a editor for my screen play. Please give me a call or e-mail me. phone number is 916-544-0151 or


  • Hey Martin, glad to be in contact with you man. I didnt even know that was you I was in a conversation with on FB lol. Would love to collab with you on some of your projects. I am a  local actor/musician looking to get more involved in the community. KIT

  • Thanks! We can't wait check out the fest.

  • Hi Martin,

    I'm honored to have my comedy screenplay, They Might Be Kennedys, a part of the festival! I can't wait. Going to book my hotel and I'll see you up there.


    Ted Collins

  • Martin

    I am bummmmed - 24 is daughters first bd.

    Last night I talked to Perry and sent him a script treatment this morning. The award you gave him was great. I kind of hide out and write so I am grateful that you and the organizations get events together to meet quality people in the industry.

    Formula for Zombies - night shade, puffer fish and cocaine - After slavery in US ended the large plantations in Caribbean gave it to workers, fast addiction, and obedient workers wanted more drugs not pay. I am writing a zombie script now called Yorgan, about a zombie dog.

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