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  • Thanks for the invite. Yes, Charlie is like family to me, my mentor...took all his classes. He is very knowledgeable about his craft and the industry. I've only been acting for about 2 years, and landed good solid roles bc of Charlie. I'll try to make it out.
  • Thank You Martin Anaya, I will try to make it during my visit this coming spring to an Ink Tip conference. I live in Oklahoma and trips to California are far and few between. My book received some good reviews on Amazon.Com. "Our Last Dance In Iowa". I was made aware it made the EJ Thorthon,Top Ten list Widowers Storys. Thank You again Peter Gatliff
  • notta, what's up with you?
  • Here to network. One of my instructors recommended this site to me and I will be posting stuff soon.
  • Between hearing the wise words of your special guest, gaining a peek into the 48 hour world, and visiting with some greak folks we had a wonderful time tonight! Your hard work is most appreciated. Thank you! Julie Sorci
    P.S. How do we sign up for Ben Afleck tix? Please do count me in for a couple!
  • Hey Martin! Just tryin to 2 more weeks, and I'M DONE! Sep. 24th...*woot woot* I won't make it to the meeting tomorrow, but perhaps the next one, next month? Hope all is well, and I look fwd to seeing you soon.
  • plus a few upcoming music video auditions ;)
  • yes I am cast in a movie filming next week ;)
  • Martin - I would like to RSVP on the 10th for my friend and I to attend the event. I'm not sure where to do this officially. Thanks again for all the work you put in! Julie :)
  • Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your message. I've relocated to California and am producing a few things, I'm keen to meet more people in the film community here. Let me know if there is an event. Thanks Lisa.
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