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  • Hi Martin,
    Passing by to say "Hi". Haven't heard from u in a while.
    Well u have a great day. Hope to talk to ya soon. :-)
  • Hey Martin,
    Been busy with some small film work, kids graduations and move to S.Cal in June. I feel so out of the loop with alot of the local film community here. I miss not being able to be involved right now. Just when things are starting to happen in N.Cal, I end up leaving. Go figure. See you at the Bad Faith filming friday?
  • Marty, We are looking for 4 people willing to work security at the movie. Their main job is to make sure no one is video taping the film.
    Thanks, Kandy Duns
  • Hey Martin,

    Added the event last night, just waiting for approval. Thanks for the profile tips, already changed.
  • LOL..No probs Sweetie. Have a Wonderful Day:-)
  • OMG, I said "Hi" to u and u left the chat? Not Nice...:-( lol
  • WOW, hope u have a great time Saturday. Yeah hope we meet soon. We'll probably have to set up a time :-).
  • Passing by to Show Sum Luv. How are ya Martin? Hope you have a Great Week!! :-)
  • Hi Martin, thanks for checking in and Monolithworks/AE35films is crankiin...on the site, you'll see our latest Transmedia Productions listed. By the way, can a Transmedia Blog be set up at your site so we can continue the great conversations from the Transmedia event at your festival? Thanks Paul.
  • Thank you Martin! I had a blast too! See you next time. :-)
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