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  • Martin, sorry I couldn't make your party, premiere. Same weekend as the LA festival a movie I did was in! It was my first Hollywood festival @ Paramount - wowza, what an experience! Hope to get to a movie though....ttys Thanks!
  • Hey Martin! Just had a quick question about the festival. I know I get two all-access passes for winning the short screenplay competition, but as far as the film school 101 panels and the digital conference, do I get 2 tickets for those as well, or just 1? Also, I understand the director of the 48 hr. gets 2 all-access passes, too. Where do we get our passes at? Thanks, I appreciate it. Julie
  • Thanks Martin! Can't wait to get my foot in the door.

    Anyone need another actor/singer?
  • Thanks Martin! Can't wait to head to the festival, all the way from down south! Thanks for all ya'lls work and giving me the opportunity!
  • Hi Martin,

    Will do--has to wait until Monday. Trailer files are at editor's and he's not back until then. Look forward to showing 'Red Poet" at the festival.

    Fran Furey
  • Thank you Martin. I appriciate the opportunity to be able to have such an avenue to advertise and promote the talent thats in California. I will hopefully see you at the Film Festival. God Bless.
  • Hi Martin, D-QU trailer is up! Thanks for all your hard work for the 2010 film festival, can't wait!
  • Thankz Martin.
  • Hey, Martin - sorry to have missed you yesterday. I'm planning on being at the event tonight so I'm sure I'll see you there.
  • Hi Marty, I have uploaded the Sally trailer as you suggested. I'll see you in a couple of weeks my friend.
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