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  • You are an angel Martin :(
  • Martin - You've done a great job on the site! It was nice talking with you, I appreciate the warm welcome. Unfortunately I must work tonight and won't be able to make your Christmas party, but am looking forward to becoming more actively involved with your group. Thanks for the great diagnostic advice too!!! :) Julie
  • I should be able to make it to the mixer. Oh, zombies. I have some many zombie pictures from films and events. The one in particular is a concept photo for a short film called Sunrise, but it still in preproduction.
  • I just got back from Santa Fe where my screenplay, The Hunatics Club, took third place for the Best of the Best Screenplays for ages 12-18 at the awards program sponsored by the KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festival which is sponsored by the Coalition for Quality Media for Children. It's the third award for this script and I'm hopeful my agent will sell it soon!
  •'s a tad on the warm, humid side, but it hasn't reached Sacramento-hot yet. It feels kinda tropical to me. If this is as hot as it gets in this region, I can handle it. Of course, AC is good.
  • Aside from a few sniffles, Africa is treating me well. Ok...the mosquitos took advantage of my tiredness the second night and I got hit 11 times, but I've used my Avon Skin-So-Soft every night since and they've been ghost. We are fortunate to have great accomodations and all of Sonny's friends are truly entertaining so far...
  • Small town America. Sort of a cross between "Prairie Home Companion" and "My Name is Earl" (but long before Earl).
  • Thank YOU Martin for participating in our project. It was fun having you and your input is always appreciated. We'll c ya soon!
  • I would love to assist with Casting, nothing is going on at the moment.
    I run a Process Server Business from home. I am available to assist on films any time.
    Thank you for the invite, looking forward to meeting you in person!
  • I forgot to tell ya, Mariah sent me!!!!
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