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  • Martin , thanks for "introducing" me to this page!!
  • Thanks Martin! I appreciate the info :)
  • Thank You sir!
  • Thanks for everything!
  • Thank you Martin...this is a great idea!
  • Gorgeous site you have here - looking forward to very exciting happenings!
  • I didn't attend the AFM. I read through the panel of people and looked them up on Imdb and felt that I should save my money and maybe attend next time. I'm glad you like the picture. My sister and I saw the midnight showing for New Moon. It makes me hopeful when I see new faces come up on screen with a movie like this. I wonder when they will be casting for Breaking Dawn? Haha
  • Are you going to have a screenplay competition at the festival this year? Thanks.
  • Good evening,

    That sounds great. Looking forward to networking.
  • Thanks Marty.
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