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  • thanks. yes i'm a bass player
  • Hey, I think you talked to my partner Jared earlier tonight.
    Thanks for the heads up in the California Film Foundation,
    it's much appreciated.
  • Done and done! Hope everything is well on your end and we will have to catch up soon!

  • Thanks for the invite. We had fun. You have a great, enthusiastic team over there. What a wonderful (and beautiful) community. The movie was really good too. I bought a copy so you'll have to see it. It has won numerous audience choice awards, a screenplay award, etc...I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. We did sushi afterward instead of the loud crowded club. Wish you were there, but it was nice catching up!
  • Just sent you a chat...
  • Thanks, Marty. And the term for folk harp is "harper". "Harpist" is for concert pedal harp players.
  • What's up? Are you currently working on a project? I am shopping my scripts, wish me luck just before XMAS.

    Donald E. Dukes
  • Yes of course. More info would be great. Let me get my act together and get my reel uploaded and I can talk a bit more about what I would like to do! Thanks for having me, I'll be right back!!
  • Hey Marti-san, I'm going to have her email you. I'm bringing my camera and mic mount LED. Good times, man. Thanks.
  • Okay, okay. Profile pic repaired. Sometimes these things take two trys :.)
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