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  • Thanks for the invite, it was good to hear from you. Hope to have a screenplay for you soon.
    Best wishes, Perla
  • Hey Martin, I was just looking at the Norcal Screenwriter's page, and saw the NORCAL SCREEN-WRITERS CHALLENGE 2010. I was just wondering when the deadline for that is. Thanks! Julie
  • Thanks! Good to see you too! I'm happy to be involved anyway I can!!!
  • Yes Marty, I do have an Oscar. I worked on the award winning USC student film "Pitstop". Thanks for noticing.
  • Thanks Marty it's nice to be greeted so quickly. I'm here to help people the best I can.
  • Thanks for the welcome :) I look forward to moving forward as an actor/voice talent and look forward to the wonderful things you are doing here. I hope to meet some great people on this site too. Thanks again !
  • Photo done! Thanks, Marty.

  • Thanks Marty...LOL !! I know I've already ticked off a few people listed below. But hey... if you've got that thin of skin, this ain't the biz for you!
    And since you've invited me to rant (you may want to take that back at some point ;-) ), I had a comment from one of my video pro tenants in the building that he was amazed at the naivete' of many of the attendees to the last meeting. Not disrespecting...what he was trying to say is that so many people in Sacramento don't have a clue about what the "Film Business" really is, and just go about "playing" like there is one here. I happen to agree with that assessment and thing it's a good area for discussion. Until that notion is nailed down, I don't think we'll ever make progress in developing any semblance of a movie business in this town.
  • Hey Thanks... Nice to be here... this is really awesome!
  • I'm very excited about CFF, Marty! Thanks for the welcome. ~Dänna
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