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  • Hi Kim.It was nice to see you Saturday at the Fashion on Film event. Have a great day!

    Adi Freeman (formally Adrian Dobrescu)
  • Thanks Kim!! :)

  • Thanks Kim. : )

  • Kim call me
  • Hi Kim, looking forward to seeing you at the premiere as well! SacBee should be running something in this Friday's Ticket section is what we've been told. I'll send you a link when I get one.


  • Kim, as you requested, I just uploaded a poster for "The Invisible Peak" for the April 27th "World's Greatest Shorts" program.  It's in my gallery, at print-resolution in case you'd like to print it out.  Thanks for asking!

  • Hi Kim,

    Looking forward to meeting you at the festival!  My poster for "See Me" is uploaded already.  Let me know what kind of promotion you have in mind.  Thanks!

  • Hey Kim! It's a pleasure to connect with you here!:~))

    3382668671?profile=originalhere is a little award for you from me :)

  • Hi Kim,
    Nice to meet you as well! Won't be able to get to Sacramento until tonight but will be at American Courtesans screening tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting you!
  • Hello Kim,

    I've been trying to get Jeffrey to finish the trailer for weeks. I think it's actually close. Hopefully he can upload shortly.

    BTW--Can his name be corrected, in the Cine-Asia schedule listing? It says "Jeffery" and should be "Jeffrey Gee" -- his name should be "Jeffrey Gee Chin"

    Thanks. Looking forward to attending,


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