Sacramento Video ProductionWhen you are working with non-actors there tends to be an uneasiness with the process, a self consciousness with the content and a reluctance to reveal much. This holds true for everything from documentaries to corporate videos. People aren’t used to being on camera, but it is our job to make them feel comfortable and hopefully that they forget that they’re doing anything other than just having a chat.The key to a good interview video is to establish a rapport and be conversational. No one wants to feel like they are up on the witness stand about to get badgered into testifying about something. Most people however do like “talking shop” with their friends or revealing their feelings to someone they trust. Getting that trust and keeping that conversational environment is key.The best question you can ask is with your eyes while listening. Most people like to talk about what they know about and will do so freely if they think they’re talking to someone who cares about what they’re saying – and you should, after all it’s your job to care and in most cases the specific knowledge that the interviewee has is probably new to you anyway.
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