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  • Good day,

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  • Hey turn your volume UP and leave it up on your chat function K? I was tryin to holla at you ;)
  • Hey Raghni,
    how bout that film fest? wish you could have seen more...met some of the big ballers...anyway really enjoyed your movie. You do the come hither thing shockingly well!

  • Okay, here it is : a thirty second irreverent, fun and wacky, yet playful and unique Ben and Jerry's commercial.
  • hahaha...oh man, that was funny. I like family portraits too! We haven't played that game in a long while. But I've been auditioning a pretty fair amount. I don't know what it is though!!!...I have ONLY been having auditions for COMMERCIALS!!!...I mean, don't get me wrong, I like auditioning for commercials, but I just want to AT LEAST audition for a film here and mean, last week, I had an audition...commercial...TODAY, I had an audition...another commercial. I mean, commercials are definitely great for making money. But I feel like I haven't had the opportunity to audition for a CHARACTER in a while...I think I'm just having yea. Today was my last audition that was scheduled. The only thing I have left is an interview with an agency in LA next week. Thats the only thing left on my schedule so far...

    what about you???!!! hows the student film coming along? when do you guys start filming?
  • Hey! Not much. Just been busy with working and auditions. How about yourself? And I'm hoping to. I know I have to work till 715 tmrw, and I live about an hour away from Charlie, so if I do go, then I'm gonna be late. But I'm gonna see if I can switch with a coworker of mine so I can get off earlier. I'm definitely trying to make it though! Are you gonna be there tmrw?
  • Hi Raghni,
    hows the writing goin? Any ideas on venue? We need a venue for next month's party. maybe a art space or gallery perhaps.
  • Hi Raghni!
    Welcome to the party! Feel free to post any blogs...videos or call for help on your current projects like the screening series. You can even get a group to follow those exploits on here!

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