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  • hello, Yes it is always good to have more people apart of your network lol thanks for the request Mike
  • Thanks for the add!
  • The ScreenwritingU class lasts six months long. You do 100 assignments in 180 days. An assignment might take 1 or 2 days max to complete. Everything's done on line, although you get to talk to Hal Croasum or his wife Cheryl a few times to run things by them. You just take it one day at a time and before you know it, you've written and polished a finished screenplay. It's a long process, but for those of us who like to take small but well-thought-out steps, it's really worth it.
  • I didn't finish that thought...ha. Richard B. has a lot of insight on dialogue and how to move forward in your writing, especially when you're stuck!!


    Hi, Mike! I do live in Kansas. I have family in California. Have you had Richard Broadhurst mentor you? He is awesome! I have learned so much from him!

    Have you read Carl Inglesis' book. Writing for Emotional Impact

    Recently I enjoyed the Yanno book, called, The 3rd Act.

    Catch you later! Have a great night!

    And Richard Broadhurst has

  • My last screenplay was written by taking a class on line with which takes you from developing the high concept to the creation of a complete script. There were 100 assignments to do during this six-month course, but you finish a script which has been shared with others in the course (in my case, writers came from everywhere--New York, New Zealand, etc.). Frankly, I needed the discipline which taking a course like this necessitates. It's too easy to get distracted with other things, you know?

  • Hi Mike! I just finished my fifth screenplay and am in the process of getting an agent in L.A. Wished I lived in southern California. It'd be easier, I think. What genre do you write in?
  • Hey Mike, thanks for the friend request.  I have been to a couple meetings... in all honesty, they're ok.  I mainly go to find out what other people are working on, hear their stories.  Thanks for the interest in "Before the Beginnng".  We're entering film festivals right now, just trying to get the word out!  What kind of stuff do you write?

  • Hi Mike,

    welcome to the California Film Foundation (CFF). Hope to see you at Friday's meeting. Check our events page for details.



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