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The NorCal All-Stars are back featuring the most amazing LOCAL and regional filmmakers YOU have NEVER seen. CFF/SFF has a HABIT of introducing audiences to the most amazing new talent. This year is NO exception!



LIZ IS FINE - Christina Robado - We follow Liz through the simplest of everyday situations--a trip to the corner store, a morning at the office, a birthday party--which, when you have severe social anxiety like Liz does, are actually anything but simple. A Mexican-American filmmaker and actor born and raised in Sacramento, California, Christina Robado makes her smash directorial debut drawing inspiration from fellow Sacramentan, Greta Gerwig.


BANE OF THE BEASTS - Alexis Wong - Alexis Wong grew up in Sacramento, CA where she found a passion for creating at a young age. She grew up to pursue a Masters in Animation at UCLA where she directed and animated several independent films. Bane follows a young creature unlike any other, that is shunned by all the herds of the land.

DIVEST! - Emily Fraser, Nicholas Berger (Bay Area Earth Guardians Crew) An animation about divesting from fossil fuels with drawings and narration by youth from Bay Area Earth Guardians Crew and Youth vs Apocalypse.

TUBES - Samantha Laurenti - after finishing with film school in 2014 Sacramento filmmaker Samantha Laurenti worked on as many sets as she could find in the Northern California area. She learned about filmmaking, both behind and in front of the camera. This is her first solo-directed short film. When their mother is dying, a brother and sister use her toothpaste tubes as a benchmark for how much life she has left.


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