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Representing Northern California, this program ranges from music videos to short films of every kind. Join us for this fascinating showcase of local artists!






 Humble Wolf - All the Way by Robert Helmuth

Sacramento, CA Band Humble Wolf sings - All the Way- Official Video. 


Cover Me by Julian Bozzo

A short comedy about two friends who have a misunderstanding during a crisis.




Monkey by A.P. Hunt

Kevin tries to talk himself down from the ledge of his addiction but finds out that it is much harder than he thinks.













Reincarnation by Alexis Wong

Reincarnation is an originally eastern philosophy often misunderstood by the modern world. It proposes that we undergo cyclical rebirth living many lives. Although western society has taken an interest in this concept in modern times, cinematic adaptions often fail to see the eternal possibilities of such a theory and how a reborn inidividual can become ANYTHING. It is the fluidity of the cycle that encourages appreciation and respect for all living things - and it fosters the understanding that all creatures are connected through the force of life




 Here Still  by Tara Dorabji


As the Indian government strips autonomy from Kashmiris, the Sacramento International Film Festival shines a spotlight on torture committed by the India state in Here Still, a short documentary on torture in Kashmir produced by Oakland-based film makers, Tara Dorabji and Jamie DeWolf.



The Sound of Giving by Mike Bloebaum

"The Sound of Giving" focuses on a unique group of Sacramento area singers, RSVP (Reconciliation Singers Voices of Peace") whose goal is to raise money for under-funded charities in Sacramento. Every year they choose two charities for which they donate all of the funds raised in four concerts, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. The charity that is the subject of our film, Joshua's House, is the first hospice for the homeless on the West Coast. The film is an entrant in the Sacramento International Film Festival coming December 12th.




Image credited to: Masrat Zahra

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