• May 4, 2019 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm
  • Location: Delta King Theater
  • Latest Activity: May 31, 2019

Wired - Zeyu Ren, USA

A diverse collection of animation and local student films

Lotte that Silhouette Girl - Carla Patullo, Elizabeth Beech, USA

Once upon a time, long before Disney and the other animation giants, Lotte Reiniger ignited the screen with shadows, light, and a pair of magical scissors. And so with music, magic, and a stirring narration by Lotte herself, LOTTE THAT SILHOUETTE GIRL tells the largely unknown story of one of animations’ biggest influencers. This stunning documentary uses Lotte’s unique silhouette style as it re-writes history from a new point of view to tell the magical and charming fairy tale that was Lotte Reiniger’s life. 

Birds of a Feather - Bianca Nall, Australia

Flock together, a little bird tries to join two pelicans and share in the plump fish they flaunt. When tragedy strikes and he is feeling helpless an opportunity arises...

Super Dude! - Caitlin Duffy, USA

Local animator Caitlin Duffy shares her story of two young boys who want the same Super Dude action figure. However, their efforts reveal that being super is more than just wearing a mask.

The Masterpiece - Christopher Satola, USA

A thing about an artist, who works to achieve a masterpiece throughout his life. Although what is the actual masterpiece? A story about everyday life and value of every moment lived through.

We're not old, just antiquated... - Lyn Caudle, USA

Aging cameras find themselves confronted with new technology that may just hold their own fate in its hands, but can they resist it?

I Had Too Much To Think Last Night - Kevin Webb, USA
Sacramento's own Kevin Webb brings a visual stream of unconsciousness that flows from the bottles of last night's revelry into the mind's eye.


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