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Topic: American Screenwriters PITCH FEST



2020 is a transitional year

Since Coronavirus, the monthly Sacramento Screenwriters' monthly Meet-up has been postponed. Many have speculated that we'd cancel our annual Sac Film Fest AND American Screenwriters Conference as well.

The answer to THAT question is NO! THIS is our 25th anniversary of our Sacramento Film Fest, and we are FULL STEAM ahead with our 2nd Screenwriters Conference track, the ever-popular PITCH FEST!

But things WILL TRANSITION: Initiated in 2004 at the historic Delta King, a genuine 1860's riverboat and floating hotel located in Old Sacramento, the American Screenwriters Conference is founded by the God Father of screenwriting, Dr. Lew Hunter. Each year we strive to honor Dr. Hunter's creation by bringing the BEST screenwriting talent from around the world to learn the craft of screenwriting.

Our "Sac Screenwriters" group carries that torch for a Northern California audience on a monthly basis.

THIS MONTH's event will present award-winning screenwriter/playwright, RICHARD BROADHURST for our 2020 Conference pitch fest. Richard will encourage participants to really think through their Screenplay representation in the form of a two minute "pitch". Done completely FREE AND ONLINE, this will be an event everyone can attend WITHOUT getting sick. Space IS limited. Please join us.


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  • Richard and Marty made a big effort to cover lots of pitches with insights in yesterday's very important session. Every step to tighten, to lighten, to improve one's pitch is tremendously helpful for a writer's career. Thanks to California Film Foundation!!
  • I enjoyed yesterday’s pitch fest. It was amazing just being in the midst of the atmosphere. I breath this career and with the good, bad, and the ugly, if that’s what it will take to make me the greatest than that’s what it will be. It was amazing hearing all the different genre.I would like to personally thank Richard for his appearance and Martin for being an awesome and up forward host. Glad to collaborate with all the screenplay writers and hey, let’s keep it going until we reach our success.
  • THANK YOU EVERYONE for attending! AWESOME MEETING. Look for video, coming soon!
  • The event was great! Martin and Richard were so helpful... and kind!!
  • Hello Everyone. I am sorry I mised this.
  • Everyone. Refresh your page and LOOK AGAIN for the meeting ID.
  • Hi I am David Wolff. I would like tyo participate with my Screenplay "Full Moon Blues" You called me, I registered and believe I have RSVP'd for the event today. I do not see how to log in/no link for a video conference. The website says the link will appear the morning of the event - but I am not seeing it.
  • I would like to join to pitch my feature drama "Tulare Basin".
  • I would like to participate, with my short pilot "Suitable"
  • Thanks guys! We'll see you Saturday. REMEMBER, this is a PITCH, NOT to exceed 2 minutes. See you Saturday!

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