Stalled Gardiner, Meghan Kohli, Shannon
American Courtesans DiAngelo, Kristen Johnson, James


American Courtesans” is an intimate portrayal of modern day escorts in America. In our own words we discuss our lives, the events that led us into our profession, and the reasons we stay.

We welcome you into our world for a brief moment and will be candid and honest about what life is like for us; each of us willing to offer up our life experiences. We only ask that you listen with an open mind, and allow us to show you who we are.


Plays with the Award winning short, STALLED.


7pm Tickets:(800) 838-3006


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  • The craziest thing though.. we just played in Paris at the ECU, and were then invited to screen in Rome at the MashRome Film Fest, In Europe  it's such a different story.... There culture is so much more evolved than ours, and there truly is a separation between religion and state.  It only served to remind me that we are just a fledgling country and are still trying to figure things out!

  • It's unfortunate, but here in the US the government still regulates what goes on between two consenting adults behind closed doors... Our bodies are not our own, as much as we would like to think they are... but yes, Hilary did get arrested, as sad as it might be!

  • 'American Courtesans' actress Hilary Holiday arrested for prostitution. What??? Gotta see what this films all about!

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