Stalled Gardiner, Meghan Kohli, Shannon
American Courtesans DiAngelo, Kristen Johnson, James


American Courtesans” is an intimate portrayal of modern day escorts in America. In our own words we discuss our lives, the events that led us into our profession, and the reasons we stay.

We welcome you into our world for a brief moment and will be candid and honest about what life is like for us; each of us willing to offer up our life experiences. We only ask that you listen with an open mind, and allow us to show you who we are.


Plays with the Award winning short, STALLED.


7pm Tickets:(800) 838-3006


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  • NEWS FLASH: One of the stars of American Courtesans has been arrested for prostitution shedding even more light on the important the film raises. Read article on our newsletter page:

  • Sorry, already addressed one of them personally, unfortunately just cannot make it up to Sacramento until the morning of the 27th, but hope all able to attend, have a great film experience. Perhaps a DVD purchase might be in order. Really wish I could've made the 48 hour movie event, also. Wish the creator/producers, and all the success in the world. Happy trails... 

  • Sorry, I will not be in Sacramento until April 27 or 28. Looks like a great film. Best of luck, and thanks for the invite
  • Both Kristen and I will for sure. I know that Pearl Callahan will be there and Juliet Capulet and Skylar Cruz are going to try and make it. There are a few other girls we haven't heard from yet that might attend. Also, Pearl's son was one of the people we interviewed and he might be there as well.

  • Awesome news James. Who from the film will be attending the Sacramento screening on April 22?

  • We just got notification that we are an Official Selection of San Francisco Sex Worker Film & Arts Festival! This is all coming so fast it's humbling and overwhelming!

  • Woo Hoo!!

  • We just got notification that we are an Official Selection, and winner of an Award of Excellence, at the International Film Festival - Environment-Health-Culture being held in Jakarta, Indonesia!

  • TICKETS ARE UP AND RUNNING FOR American Courtesans! Get yours NOW! This will sell out!

  • Well I really look forward to seeing this film and the filmakers perspective about this taboo profession. Congrats on the MashRome Film Fest invite it must be extremely exciting to be recognized in such a way for your work. Best of luck to Hilary.

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