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 film - games - music - online distribution. 

 A day-long event with workshops on creating and monetizing your digital content as well as amazing film showcases. Meet content creators and buyers over many disciplines including film, games, music and online distribution.

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HDR Video

"HDR in video started with tone mapped HDR time-lapse videos, which are essentially a sequence of still photographs in quick succession. Canon SLR cameras now allow you to set you timer and multiple exposure setting, thus generating multiple stills that you can string together in an HDR time-lapse. It’s a great effect, however, is this true HDR video? Not really." READ MORE HERE Then come back here to discuss!

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My Digital Life

So it appears that what we have discovered here is not that the pie is shrinking for old media like TV but that the complimentary media, the new media is supporting the old and, as I said, vice-versa. Fascinating! How many shrewd programmers have found niches the way I have to grow audience by leveraging old and new media?  CHECK OUT HERE then come back to this page to discuss

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