For years the Sacramento Film Festival has had a DIGITAL CONTEST called "Make Our Promo".


Part Short film program, part promotional exercise, Male Our Promo Challenges filmmakers to make a 30-second promo for the Sacramento Film Festival and promote it. The spot with the most views will become our WEB-STAR


Guidelines: To participate is simple. Simply make a promo and email a DOWNLOADABLE link to us by Feb. 1st. (  All promos will appear on the Sac Film Fest site and the winner will become our WEB STAR 2020

WEB STAR 2020 - The WINNING  entry will get 2 FULL VIP ALL-ACCESS PASSES ($300 VALUE) to the Sacramento Film Festival 2020 and be invited to speak on a special panel. As part of the VIP package, the winner will receive dinner for two ($100 Value) All ACCESS SFF to VIP parties AND $100 Spending cash! The entire value with CASH and PRIZES is $500!



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