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Shoots can be long and exhausting. If you’re working with actors, you need to make sure that their appearance is camera-ready and consistent, otherwise visual continuity can go out the window.  Your Hair & Makeup technician will have specialized cosmetics and knowledge of techniques designed specifically for achieving a certain look on-camera. At the very least, having one around to make touchups before a take makes a huge difference in the final product.

Likewise, wardrobe designers and fashion stylists give your film and its actors that finished look of authenticity. Whatever the time. Whatever the place.

Please join if you are a Hair or Make-up stylist or wardrobe or fashion designer.

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  • Benefits of Zaneta being your Makeup Artist:

    1. I’ve been a Professional Makeup Artist/California Licensed Cosmetologist for 7 years. Trained and Worked for M•A•C Cosmetics for 4 years in the whole Northwest Region. Provides 5 Star Customer Service, and reliable.

    2. I ONLY use the best luxury expensive and inexpensive beauty brands.

    3. I have a 24/7 online booking system which allows you to view my schedule and book your makeup appointment in advance.

    4. I’m very punctual. You will receive your makeup services at your appointment time.

    5. I use a detailed full face technique to give foundation a real skin or airbrush appearance.

    6. Depending on the service it can take 45-90+ minutes.

    7. Full Face Makeup services comes with Lashes & ZAZAXO BEAUTY Lipgloss for your touch up throughout the day.

    8. Makeup studio located in Arden area. Address and phone number will be sent once I receive non refundable deposit. Travel clients , travel fee applies.
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