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This group is for fans and Friends of The Sacramento International Film Festival, Sacramento's premiere cinema experience.

This is the place for all news and updates about the festival this year. We look forward to meeting you at the festival. Please spread the word and tell more friends.

SFF is Cinema excitement!


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  • Hey,

    Shoulda been at the meeting. Ya coulda possibly hooked up with a crew. One thing I can promise is if you roll into the Studio Center at 6:30pm or so Sunday you can watch em as they roll back in :)..That actually is quite fun!

  • If anyone is shooting around Sacramento this weekend I would like to watch, be a fly on the wall. Good luck to all the teams. Steve (916) 548-8361

  • We are excited to be attending the Sacramento Film Festival with our film American Courtesans! Filming this was an incredible adventure, the women in the film are absolutely amazing, and we are honored to be part of this festival; being from the Sacto area and having filmed a good portion of it here!

  • Hi,

    I cannot wait to work with you.

  • Hi Charlie,

    What are we checking out? And Tony SingingEagle says hello.

  • Check this out, folks.

  • Hi, 

    I look forward to meeting and possibly working with you at some point.

  • Ah yes, yoiu're both out there :)

  • Yes. There is somebody out here.

  • Hello! Anybody out there?

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Embassy Suites

Honored to be a part of this festival!  I'm looking forward to it!  Any other attending filmmakers looking to be economical and split a suite?  No point in filling up all the rooms with a bunch of single occupancies.

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