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Online Video CampaignDr. Andrew Maxwell, referred to by at least one of his patients, as the “King of LASIK” is an international authority on refractive surgery. In 2017, Pattie Turnbull, the marketing director for Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier & Remington EyeCare, turned to Blare Media to contract with us to develop a broadcast TV and online video campaign for the good doctor. In her brief, Pattie suggested we consider using patient testimonials. Testimonials are only as effective as the credibility of the subjects interviewed. Establishing that credibility depends on three factors; the ease with which the testifier is able to speak on camera; their confidence in themselves and the information they convey; and the manner and tone in which the interview is conducted. Obviously, making the subject feel more relaxed and comfortable during the interview will result in a more positive outcome.For Dr. Maxwell’s campaign we chose two individuals: The first was a patient who had the LASIK procedure done over 15 years ago, retired Fresno State golf coach Mike Watney. In pre-production interviews, we learned a couple of things about the coach: His improved visual perception resulting from the LASIK procedure actually lowered his golf handicap; and Coach Watney convinced two of his family members, his son and his son-in-law, to have their LASIK procedures with Dr. Maxwell as well. Since all three men play golf, we chose to film them playing a round at the Copper River Country Club with the RED-Epic and a drone equipped with an HD camera. We were fortunate to have Dr. Maxwell join their game and make it a foursome. For our interviews, we quietly recorded each testifier individually in the hushed interior of the clubhouse. For our second subject, we chose an individual who only knew Dr. Maxwell by reputation. A.J. Sanchez is a drive time DJ for Y101 in Fresno who had been burdened with poor eyesight and had to wear glasses since he was a child. Since A.J. hadn’t yet had the LASIK procedure, we chose to film him before, during and a couple of days after Dr. Maxwell performed his surgery. We recorded A.J.’s surgery during one of the LASIK seminars FML&R routinely conducts. From the combined footage we were able to provide our client with two :30 second broadcast TV spots, one online video, and many sound bytes that were used in a series of radio spots. We checked with Pattie Turnbull prior to writing this treatment to ask her if she could recommend Blare Media to which she answered, “Of course guys, I’ve got your backs!”

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