BLARE Aerial Reel

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BLARE Media has been shooting aerial footage in one form or another for nearly 7 years. As the technology progressed and changed – including the government regulations – we found a nice niche with the products of DJI. We’ve used the Inspire 1 for a few years now and have become very confident and comfortable with the system. It is a dream to use for video production professionals for several reasons: It allows for two operators to control the rig simultaneously. This means that one operator can focus completely on flying and another will only need to pay attention to pointing and controlling the camera. This allows for much more dynamic moves than you can get from a single operator drone such as those in the Phantom series. Those drones are highly capable, but the second remote, viewer and operational controls help immensely. Going forward we will be utilizing the Inspire 2 for even more remarkable capabilities. This system adds a more streamlined RAW capability and is a great way to compliment our Epic Dragon camera that also shoots RAW. The resolution on these birds is also incredible. You have to see it to believe it and understand just how much this opens up creative possibilities. We are excited about the future of aerial video and drone capabilities and are happy to be experienced and ready.If you have any aerial needs, whether it’s just a shot or a whole spot, be sure to contact us. It can literally take your production to another level! It is also more cost-effective than you might imagine and will take less time than you think on set. And one more thing, remember, just because you can fly, doesn’t mean you can shoot.

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