Typically studios will only show off their current-year wares at CinemaCon, but Warner Bros went deep in the calendar to show off the first fresh footage from Paul King’s Wonka, the feature musical about the candymeister. The movie doesn’t come out until Christmas 2023.

Think Fantastic Beasts in regards to period (early 20th century), but so much more fun: More leg-kicking, twirling dancing, chocolate fountains and a giraffe running through a church. The visuals plump with purples and browns. We see Willy Wonka (Timothée Chalamet) arriving in a mid-European city (the pic was shot in London) and slowly rising to his candy impresario fame, the pic being an origins story.


One of the musical numbers played was “You’ve Never Had Chocolate Like This,” sung by an array of characters. Sally Hawkins plays his mother.

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A chocolate wrapper that Chalamet’s Wonka reads seen at the end of the clip says, “It’s not the chocolate that matters,” then on the other side: “It’s the people you share it with.” Hawkins’ character digs it.
Also seen in the trailer were Rowan Atkinson and Jim Carter.

Written By Anthony D'Alessandro, Nancy Tartaglione for Deadline

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