UNFIX (2023)

UNFIX (2023)

This year's premiere, Unfix, discusses the repercussions of conversion therapy while engaging elements of the pandemic to stress the motives of discovering one's self-worth. Graham Glen Streeter's filmography often plays to the experience of humanity while allowing the viewer to learn something about themselves. Unix (2023) is no different. From personal experience, I have had multiple friends who stayed (and are currently) in the closet to deny who they are to please their family, all while damaging their perception of who they are and who they can become, it is absolutely heartbreaking when it feels like we are in a wholly acceptable society, yet your best friend has to suppress who they are for the people who claim to love them unconditionally. Unfix (2023) speaks to this issue and incorporates the madness of quarantine to solidify the excitement and drama of the film; Unfix plays to powerful commentary and entertaining cinema!

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