The Key Of Life (2021) Multiple Award Winning Best Short Film | By - Deepak Kumar & Anku Parashar

A lonely frustrated man locked in his unexpected desires and destroy his beautiful life, but one day a unexpected guest come to meet him and show a key who open his life lock.



Consider this film as a magic show and watch the story you will see and understand, on the contrary, the story of another person watching with you will be different and unbelievable.


Film Lovers Says...


The story of two parallel universes.

When I was watching this movie, I found myself similar to that character. I think it is a story of life as well as a story of two parallel universes. Firstly a writer is fed up with his work and life, and gets bored, so decides to transport himself to another universe, where he is a traveller. But the main thing is that he finds the same key in the lake of the other universe, allegedly kept in a small fish tank of the first universe. How can this happen if there is no parallel universe or traveling from one life to another. You will have the same difficulty everywhere if your mind is not calm and you do not understand this. So life is such that no one else can satisfy you except yourself.

By :- Avinash Kashyap


You take some personal freedom of your life.

I show this film in 'Tagore international film festival 2020' The Key Of Life was Winning best Short Film outstanding achievement award in monthly online comparation.

Very relevant quotes and my opinion about The Key Of Life is A key have your hand who open your life lock , it's only and only in your hand. Some people don't understand about his life & craft for unwanted needs of life and do wrong decision, they think buy happiness with money but don't understand happiness is in our heart not in outside of your mind. it's only and only in your hand how to achieve success of your life. first thing you destroy your life for unwanted happiness and last thing you take some personal freedom of your life this film teach last one.

By :- Mr. Daddy


Very Expressive Film who open a way of life to living & Loving.

A young guy who have some frustration I can't know why but it's a part of Daly life be busy in aur work and we forget aur nature love and life we destroy every thing in world . In the film a frustrated man write a sentence in his notebook NEVER WALK ALONE today life we all are alone and busy in the meddle of crowded world every one play his part well but all are have some kind of problem to live well to breathe original oxigen we forget aur nature we close our door to invite good thoughts to invite good way of living and you know it's all about The key what have our hend who open life Lock . Only and only we decide how we portray our image in our wall. It's very expressive film who open a way of life to living & loving.

By :- Saurabh shildankar


A good thing in this film is the frustrated guy choose life .

A good thing this film is the guy not choose death they was choose life. Really good stuff very philosophical ending I can't understand about key, when the guy leave his house, guy was put his key in aqubarium of but when he was travel to peaceful mountain and pand area the guy found his key in pond . I think it's about equilibrium of life,Who never end.

By :- Ryan Anshu


There are very few directors, Who leave the climax of their stories to their audience.

There are very few writers and directors. Who leave the climax of their stories to their audience. Meaning the author ends his story. But in such a way that the climax came out of the viewer's own perspective. Which is different in every view.

On the other hand, the character of the actor did not get dialogue. Like this, be completely silent. Then the actor's task becomes difficult. Because he has to connect the story to the audience. But without speaking .... In the meantime he survives his most powerful weapon Brahmastra "expression" Hav / Bhava .... which connects the audience with the heart. (This Brahmastra does not live with everyone)

Today I have seen a short silent film.

I am fully connected to this short film "The Key of Life". I too had the difference climax and the essence of the story.... My friend Anku Parashar has done amazing acting.

The short film got an international selection with this beautiful USP. This short film is a must win award.

Other than Metro Life, there is another life.

By - Om Lavania.


 It was a nice film. Actor played his part well.

The Key of your Life is in your hand. Unlock and discover or rediscover yourself.

It was a nice film. Actor played his part well.

You can dedicate this silent film of yours to Dadasaheb Phalke, the Father of Indian Cinema and maker of 100 silent films. It will be a befitting tribute to hum on his 150th birth anniversary.

By :- Manohar Iyar


Director :- Deepak Kumar Ram & Anku Parashar 


Star cast :- Anku Parashar


Cinematographr :- Deepak Kumar Ram


Editor :- Durgesh Chaurasia            


Producer :- Deepak Kumar Ram & Anshu Parashar



Parashar Motion Pictures

Think Vision Entertainment 




1) Green Chilli International Film Festival 2020 - Winner - (Outstanding achievement Award) as 

1) best short film 

2) best experimental film

3) best cinematography

4) best editing

5) best director








2) Pattaya International film festival 2020 - winner - (Outstanding achievement Award) as

1) best short film 

2) best experimental film

3) best cinematography

4) best editing

5) best director






3) Ghum International Film Festival 2020 - winner - (Outstanding achievement Award) as  

1) best short film

2) best experimental film





4) Panjim International Film Festival 2020 -winner - (Outstanding achievement Award) as 

1) best short film

2) best experimental film 





5) Rosebud International Film Festival - winner - (outstanding achievement award) as 

1) best short film

2) best experimental film





6) Tagore International Film Festival 2020 - winner - (Outstanding achievement award) as 

1) best short film




7) Filmarte Short Film Festival 2020 - (Winner)

1) Best Filmarte Editing


Filmarte Nominee

1) Best cinematography  (Nominee)


2) Best Short Film (Nominee)



8) Rahuls Film festival 2022


best experimental film



9) Performancia Festival 2022- (winner) 1) best Performance 

2) best Performancia

Loreal & cirtificate Upcoming...

10) Shortya Film Festival 2022-(Winner) best experimental film

Loreal & cirtificate Upcoming....




1) Lisbon Film Rendezvous-(semi-finalist 2020)  

2) The Lift-Off Sessions-(Official Selection - March 2020) 

3) First-Time Filmmaker Sessions-(Official Selection - February 2020)

4) Ancient Way Film Festival - (Official Selection-2020) 

5) First-Time Filmmaker Sessions - (Official Selection-March 2020)


7) Green Chilli International Film Festival (Award Winner - 2020) 

8) Panjim International Film Festival (official selection - 2020)

9) International Film Festival di Rivoli (official selection - 2020) 

10) Ghum International Film Festival (official selection - 2020) 

11) Pattaya International Film Festival ( Official Selection - 2020) 

12) The Lift-Off Sessions - (Official Selection - May 2020) 

13) FLICKFAIR - USA (Finalist - Jun 2020 ) 

14) Filmarte Short Film Festival (Official Selection- 2020)

15) Best of Latin America Short Film Festival (Official Selection- 2020) 

16) Bizarrya Short Film Festival (Official Selection- 2020)  

17) Rosebud international film festival (official selection- 2020)

18) Jharkhand International Film Festival & Awards (Official Selection - 2020) 

19) Kalakari Film Fest (Official Selection - 2020)

20) Tagore International film Festival #TIFF (official selection - 2020)   

21) New York True Venture Film Festival #NYTVFF ( Finalist as Best Experimental shortfilm - 2020 )

22) Create in Crisis (official selection - 2020)

23) Little Rock Italian Film Festival (Honorable Mention - 2020)

24) The Continental Film Festival (Semi-Finalist - 2020)

25) OUT OF THE CAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (official selection- 2020)

26) INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDS GEORGIA (Official Selection - 2021)

27) Madrid Film Awards (Semi-Finalist - 2021)

28) Festival del Cinema di Cefalù (semi-finalist - 2021)

29) The Sun Of The East Award ( #TIFF Nominee - 2021) 

30) Bitesize Film Festival (Official Selection - 2021)

31) Ramaldar - An epic movie about journey made after isolation, the gathering (official selection - 2021)

32) 6th international Short Film Festival Pune india (official selection - 2021)

32) Rahul's Film Festival (official selection & Best silent film Award winner - 2022)

33) Independent Video Film Festival of Youtube Art Club Pavlos Paraschakis, Greece (official selection-2022)

34) Bizarrya Short Film Festival (Finalist-2022)  

35) Utsav International Film Festival (official selection-2022)

36) Performancia Festival (official selection -2022)

37) Shortya Film Festival (official selection & Award Winner-2022)




The Key of Life Review by Daniel Hess


The Key Of Life (2021) | Multiple Award Winning Best Short Film | Review By - Telly Chakkar



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