The Best Horror Movies of 2022 So Far

The Best Horror Movies of 2022 So Far

With all of the horrors Americans are facing daily — a gun crisis, attacks on women’s rights, a Supreme Court hell-bent on legislating back to the olden days — it can be a difficult to engage with the artificial terror of scary movies.

Fittingly, many of the year’s best titles tapped into this anger and fear. Themes of environmental decay (“Crimes of the Future”), the oppression of women (“Men”), toxic internet culture (“Scream”), surveillance (“Watcher”) and sexual repression (“X”) loomed large, linking fantastical scares to very real fright.

Some high-profile titles have yet to come out, including Michael Myers’ return (“Halloween Ends”) and festival favorites such as Mark Mylod’s “The Menu” and Luca Guadagnino’s “Bones and All.” But until then, Variety has ranked the best horror of the year so far.

12. Fresh

11. The Cursed

10. Men

9. Scream

8. Speak No Evil

7. X

6. Watcher

5. The Black Phone

4. Ressurection

3. Nope

2. Barbarian

1. Crimes of the Future


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