Meet Make Up Goddess Nicole Chilelli

By CFF correspondent Kim Mims

Nicole won season 3 of Sci Fy channel's "FACE OFF", a show designed to find the hottest aspiring make-up artist in the country. She has since started her own business catering to Hollywood and independent film and TV productions. She does glamour, horror and fantasy style Hollywood make-up effects and is currently seeking interns for her brand new Roseville based shop. We will meet her at the next CFF meet but for those who can't wait, here is a little of what she is doing now...

How long have you been planning on opening a makeup shop?
It has been a dream of mine since I started doing Makeup. After winning face off I had such a strong feeling that it was now possible, and was one of the first things that went though me head. I have been thinking about it forever. I just want to do makeup everyday and want a crew of people to expand what I am capable of doing. Now with this shop and a crew I can make things bigger and better then when I was freelancing. One of my loves for this is working on films and now I can offer anything that is needed to capture exactly what the film is looking for. I am able to offer classes as well with the space and will be having courses available for all types of makeup and all types of experience levels.

What is the name of your makeup shop?
Vicious Vanity Fx, we will be located in Roseville Ca but will cover a large area from Reno to San Francisco and also LA.

What type of clientele will you cater to?
It will be something for everyone. Makeup for Feature Films and film makers of all kinds, Photo shoots, Musicians, Live events, Performers, Weddings and Beauty. Anyone that is needing the help of a makeup department or team we are the ones to help. Also to people who want to learn more about makeup from classes to private consultations.

What type of makeup services will you offer?
I do all kinds of makeup and am hiring a team who each will specialize in a type. I will be offering Special Fx, Custom

Prosthetics, Full Creature Suits, Fantasy makeup, Old Age, Trauma and Wounds, Movie Props, High fashion, HD airbrushing, Body paint, Runway, Beauty. We can also add gag effects to makeups to make them live effects. I wanna push the bar for Northern California and Have the films and Photo shoots that come out of this area to really show that we are making great stuff here. I am a perfectionist and take pride in each makeup Ive ever done. I want to offer people
high quality makeup and fx that will capture and intrigue the audience. Also I will be offering classes like I said so that will be a series of them that i will be teaching. Everything from Special Fx, Sculpting and Molding to fantasy, Beauty and Airbrushing. I will be adding classes though out the year and repeating some of the beginner classes that are requested. The classes will be One day coursed and up to Seven day courses. The very first class Ill be teaching is the same class I took for my first class so Im excited to teach that one. Its called blood guts and gore and teaching some fun things for special fx makeup. People that wanna learn more about special fx or someone that just wants to learn a cool makeup for Halloween this class is perfect for.

What can people expect to see when visiting your shop?
The shop will be appointment only, but when visiting you will see some of my work and art displayed. I love scary pretty so the shop will be like that. I will also have some of my own pre made Prosthetics for sale along with costume pieces and some supply materials. I will also have some prints for sale and t shirts soon. I want it to be a fun place to visit and to really show my personality and past work will now have a place to rest.


When is your shop scheduled to open?
I am moving into my shop now. I have some building to do and signs and such so it will take about a month before its off and running. I am hoping to have the grand opening around late August some time. I will be having a party for that and will be posting about it on my Facebook page and website.

Do you have a website for your shop? If so, please send me a link.
The website is being built and will be done in a week :)

Nicole Chilelli
Beauty & Special FX Makeup Artist

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  • I used to watch Face Off when it came on television. I really enjoyed the different creations the makeup folks did to try to win that week's round. I am a Sacramento producer and I am sure I can use Miss Chilelli's skills for my first film project. I'll be checking her website often to see new designs and etc. Congrats Miss Chilelli on winning Face Off season 3 and much success on your business!

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