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  • Hey Spenser,
    Thank you for the invite!
    Sounds Great and I wish I could be there--but I will be screening a new film in NY and time and distance prevents it!
    Here's to a Huge Success!
  • Thanks Spencer. I watched the trailers and they look great. I'm sure the premiere will be just as exciting. Have a blast!
  • Thanks for the invite. I will do my best. Feel free to post a link to the event on my Reel Directory Facebook page.
  • Hi Spencer, Thank you for the invite. Unfortunately we will just be getting back that day (we are premiering at the Action on Film Festival in Pasadena on the 25th) and are already committed to another event. Best wishes!
  • Hi Spencer thank you for the invite. I will try to make it. Regards, Barbara
  • Hi Spencer; thanks for the invite, I will deffinately be there.
  • yo the chat bar at the bottom of the page...I'm tryin to reach you now
  • happy new year!
  • Hey Spencer!
    Welcome to the party man! Be sure to add some blogs and stuff bro!
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