To all my Sacramento Film Foundation 'Buddies' fortunate enough live in lovely and warm Sacramento, I envy  you.

I live in cold, rainy, snowy, windy (get the picture) NJ.

Don't cry for me Argentina ( I mean Sacramento) I am on the water..(not in it) and a stones throw from Manhattan, so there are compensations.. but weather wise it is a Karmic challenge.

The distance also prevents me from attending your desirable and delicious events that cause me to agonize and salivate.  Being unable to participate in your fabulous fashion show when my daily wardrobe consists of mufflers, hats , gloves and boots makes me drool.

So, enjoy dear friends, and while you are immersed in your warm climate, great company, conversation, food and drink ... toast one to your distant friend freezing her butt off in frigid NJ.



                                                       Sandy Rochelle



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I am inspired by this invitatiion and I would LOVE to attend .. to  contribute and be a part of this Visionary invitation .. as an actress, filmmaker and poet this invite makes my heart 'skip a beat.'

My heart and soul are with you ..unfortunately the rest of me is in NEW JERSEY.


                                                     Sandy Rochelle

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