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  • Hi Pattie,

    Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    I'm not participating this time around anyway. Although it sounds

    like a lot of fun!  I'm new to the site and the group.  That plus I live

    in Reno.  I'm mainly a composer looking to meet filmmakers, actors,

    etc. and to start writing music for film.  (I've mainly written for performance

    till now.)  Once I get a feel for the scheduling of events and get some

    lead time, I expect I would make trips to Sacramento to be involved in

    some projects.


    Anyway, nice to meet you online!  Stay in touch and I'm sure we'll cross

    paths soon.  I'm planning to attend at least a day of the festival in April. 

  • Patricia,

    welcome to CFF! Looking forward to seeing you at our big Cast and Crew Call Event!

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