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  • Hi Mathew,

    I received your email.  May I have your email address.  Also, I am currently filming a feature, and will connect you with my manager.  She can handle whatever inquiries you may have. 

  • So, Matthew, message me on facebook, or at
  • Hey Matthew...

    Thank you so much for the invite, but I have two teams that I am on that I won't have time this year to join your team.  I hope to work with you soon on other projects though.  Thank you again and I will see you around : .)

  • hi there!

    thanks for reaching out!

    please email me more info abou tthe project on Saturday!

  • How long of a shoot is it on Wednesday, what time, and are you looking for 5D/ EX/ RED or what type of quality footage? Thanks!


    My website is

  • Hello Matthew,


    Thanks for the freind request :) For the link you have sent had disappeared. Would you please resent them again. Thanks!!!

  • Hello Matthew and welcome!


    Please let us know how we can help and please come to our mixer on the 18th if you can! Info is at





  • Hey, Matthew.  Thanks for the friend request.  Can I get a link again for the script?  As soon as I accepted your invite, the link disappeared.


    Are you looking for people for Wednesday?

This reply was deleted.