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Lady Bird Casting Director visits CFF

Once in awhile a person stops in and gives of themselves in a way that you can tell is GENUINE and sincere. Going into today's ACTORS INITIATIVE session, I had a lot of questions. The type of questions that deal with process, technicalities and "how-tos". And certainly, Toni addressed those.



CFF's Celestial starts the meeting with introductions of all attendees.


The biggest take-away that I got from today had NOTHING, however, to do with any technique or process. Is it important to understand HOW to audition? Of course. Is it important to understand WHAT to do? Certainly. But here is the nugget, the single nugget that Toni spent MOST of her time addressing: being of service...Having an attitude of gratitude...doing WHATEVER it takes to support the production. You see, Toni broke it down from the Producer's perspective. She indicated that EVERY moment on a set was costing SOMEONE a bunch of money. She indicated that spending days on a set with folks would be a LOT easier of, at the end of it, you STILL wanted to spend time with those people. So she spent the bulk of her talk today, discussing attitude and helpfulness.

3432615296?profile=RESIZE_710xToni addresses a packed house at the CFF meeting

As Toni put it, you may not know how to do everything exactly right. But the people who do the little things, who offer their help, who stay late..THOSE folks are the ones that will be remembered. THOSE folks are the ones who will be asked BACK to the NEXT shoot! I for one was glad to have the reminder: Ask NOT what your production can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for your production. THAT is the way! That is the SECRET sauce. Thank you, Toni, for exemplifying that! Thank you for showing us how an attitude of gratitude can go such a long way in this industry.

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Sacramento Film Festival 2019


The Sacramento International Film Festival just came off of our MOST amazing year to date! More films, more celebrity participants and more excitement than ever!


































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Good bye Stan-the-man, We will miss you!

By Martin Anaya

Who would have ever thought that a guy who published comic books would ever preside over a movie empire? Well, I'd be lying if I said me, but I can say this: Both me and all my comic head friends wished for it.

Yes, in 1975 when I 1st started buying comic books, we'd thrill to the adventures of Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk. We always imagined them as movies. of course in those days, very few of the screen (big or small) adaptations were ever satisfactory. They were usually vey cheaply made groaners that were less than impressive. Still, we lapped them up, hoping one day, a big screen adaptation would finally come around and change the game.

That day finally happened, when, in 1978, Warner Brothers made Superman, the Movie. Now, of course, we know Stan the man had nothing to do with that film but, he did have a LOT to do with the creation of many of the most iconic comic book characters ever seen, including the aforementioned Spidey and the Hulkster. And when Superman hit, it ushered in a whole new era for Hollywood. It wouldn't be long before another  DC character, Batman, broke through and then eventually a slew of Marvel characters, most created by our guy, Stan.  Now we have huge summer, winter and fall films devoted to characters like Venom, The Guardians of The Galaxy and a whole host of Marvel creations, many of them, Stan's.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stan at Comiccon about 7 years ago for an interview. You knew he was, even in his late 80s still a kid. He still had that wonderment in his eyes..most specifically because my female companion wore a period piece costume that was quite, shall we say, prodigious in the upper half. Stan, CLEARLY took delight in that interview! But he also took delight in the comic-turned-movie empire he had created.

As one little kid who grew up loving those creations, I must say thank you. Thanks Stan-the-man for Black Panther, the Fantastic 4, Spiderman, the Avengers and SOOO many other comics that eventually lept to life on the big screen. I hope I can have half the fun in my creative life that you clearly had in yours!

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Meet Major Film Director, Aaron Leong Dec 1st

Saturday December 1st, CFF features director and a cinematographer Aaron Leong at our FREE Urban Film Summit.

Originally designed to cater to the needs of minority and underserved film communities, the annual, daylong event has become a staple of the local scene in educating filmmakers from all backgrounds. Based in Sacramento California, Aaron has just completed his 2nd major feature, Notorious Nick, starring Kevin Pollack and produced by Sacramento's Mark S. Allen and Howard Burd.

As a director, Aaron guides stories from pre-production through post, allowing them to be told thoroughly with the audience in mind. A graduate of the Arts Institute, Aaron has produced numerous shorts and another indie feature, Mamma Boy. His latest feature appears to be fast-tracked for distribution as its producer, Howard Burd has several big screen credits already including the Rom-Com hit, Mother's Day with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.  Mr Burd incidentally, won the Visionary Spirit Award in 2017 at the Sacramento International Film Festival.

When asked about his directorial style, Aaron said, "I believe this to be a collaborative process in working with other departments such as camera, production design, lighting, audio, and so on into post. With my theatre training and film school backgrounds, I find communication a very valuable tool. Being able to communicate to actors and another talent the needs for any given scene is as important as it is to communicate clearly to my crew the technical aspects of filmmaking."

As a director of photography, Aaron designs lighting schemes along with camera work to create an aesthetic custom suited for the project at hand. Again, with audience in mind, he creates emotions specific for each scene of each production. 

If you are an actor or filmmaker wishing to further your craft, please join us on November 3rd at 12:30pm and meet Mr. Leong. The event is free and features SEVERAL noted film talents and a FASHION ON FILM castin/Crew call at 6pm. There is even outside entertainment and food

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Pow! Film & Comic Art Collide @ CrockerCon


Amazing Illustrators, Artists Populate Crocker-Con

There were some amazing artists, illustrators and musicians on display at the recent Crocker-con event, held at the Iconic Crocker Art Museum...Forgive! I kept calling it "Crocker-Tron" (Confusing the mascot with the event).

But film makers, take note! As you search for visual cues and iconography for your films you need look no further than your own back-yard. In the video above we interview just a couple of the amazing artists and give you contact info for them. CFF has been working hard to marry the worlds of film, art and fashion for the betterment of all. We call it "Trans-media", or Media-Convergence, this notion that your work product isn't just a film or TV show but a creative universe that takes many forms to inter-act with your audience. (The "collide" term, while normally too violent a description did have its use for our headline here, however ;).


For that reason alone you should attend the next Crocker-Con, Comic-Con, art show, etc. You may find your film project expanding in new and exciting ways and/or you may just find your next storyboard artist or concept artist. 

In the brief time I spent at the show I met Michael Calero, a Sacramento based artist whose work has traveled far. I also re-met SPACE WALKER, a musical artist, who had previously collaborated with CFF filmmaker Matthew Gilliam for a music video in our 2016 FASHION ON FILM show.

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Martin Landau, Personal thoughts

There will undoubtedly be numerous tributes to Martin Landau, the actor. I will leave that for the pros who study such things. I'd rather reminisce on Martin Landau, the guy. You see, I was fortunate enough to know Martin and share time with him. He was, to my recollection, a guy's guy, a real friend.

As a child of the 70's my first introduction to the considerable skills of Mr. Landau was through a funky, British Sci-Fi Tv show called Space 1999. Every week, Martin's character, John Koenig, and a rag tag band of wayward space travelers met new threats and tried valiantly to stay alive. 

Of course, at this time I knew nothing of Mr. Landau's roles in Mission Impossible, the Greatest Story ever Told and Cleopatra to name a few. It wouldn't be until the landmark, Ed Wood that I would again come to appreciate Mr. Landau. His poignant portrayal of horror star Bela Lugosi won Landau the Oscar and the adoration of millions, including myself. So when Mr. Lobo, the Church of Ed Wood and my film festival teamed up to screen Ed Wood I was, needless to say, over the moon. 

And when the Sacramento Film Festival got the chance to screen John Daly's, The Aryan Couple, starring Mr. Landau, I was doubly excited! It was just during this time that I got the opportunity to meet Mr. Landau. The first encounter was somewhat face-to-teeth...I was rounding a corner in an office building on Santa Monica avenue when I nearly bumped into Martin. His being so much taller than me meant I was starring literally right into his grill!! I didn't immediately recognize him, despite the up-close introduction. Later though, after spending some time in Mr. Daly's office, I came to learn they were neighbors in the building and I came to know Martin as a caring, hilarious guy who would tell stories of old Hollywood till the cows came home if you let him. 

We got to be SUCH pals that I even went back to LA to see him and John as their film was in competition at the Beverly Hills Film Fest. Of course, they swept every category, including best actor for Landau. The most hilarious part of the several days I spent with these glorious fellows was that Martin, now in his eighties, had fallen in love with one of his co-stars, a woman literally half his age. He was so proud of her and she him that it became a running gag to see what new pet name they had for each other. I gotta say, his prowess with the ladies was legendary around Hollywood and I got a first-hand education as to why.

Put simply, Martin Landau was a caring man. He was just as interested in you and your career as his own. He would share tales of a time in Hollywood when stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton seemed larger than life and anything seemed possible. I never lived through the glory years of Hollywood but calling myself a friend of Mr. Landau (and everyone he met was) made me feel as though I had. Rest in peace brotherl! You earned it.

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2nd Saturday Art Walk June 2016

Your friends at California Film Foundation are always seeking the greatest entertainment opportunities. With our upcoming TAPPED and FASHION ON FILM competitions,  we are also seeking filmmakers to chronicle some of these experiences.

If you or someone you know is a filmmaker wanting to get TAPPED or wanting to be a part of FASHION ON FILM, please read more and contact us. 916.524.5138 for questions.

Is there an event in California we should be covering? It could be film or media related. Drop us a note here. Let us know in the comments section below. As always THANKS for being a part of CFF!

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Here at CFF we've always considered Community Media (including community radio) a very important part of a trans-media landscape and an informed and interconnected world. On July 9th CFF paid a visit to Access Sacramento's radio operation and chatted with Mike Lidskin of Twirl Radio. 

CFF's Martin Anaya goes way back with Community Radio. Here, he and Mike take a stroll down memory lane.  Mike's show is billed as the finest music from the rock era. If you like having a great time listening to hard to find gems or local banter like this Find Mike Lidskin and his show TWIRL Saturday's from 4 to 6pm at KUBU 95.5 fm in Sacramento or online at

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Mark S Allen talks to CFF

With the recent I Love Film Mixer, we had an occasion to see Mark S Allen at probably one of the lowest points in his professional life. Still, his style and grace proved what we already knew: He'd be back!

Now Mark has a new gig, a new attitude and some new goodies for YOU! Here he is in a CFF exclusive to talk about it:

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D-23, Star Wars Secret Slate Revealed


By Valerie Greene

I got first hand knowledge of the Star Wars film slate. I went to the D23 Live Action panel! Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn took the stage to present the Lucasfilm slate and timeline to the D23 expo fans. Horn reminded everyone that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on December 18, 2015.

His real goal was to touch on the Star Wars film slate through 2019. Touching on Star Wars: Episode VIII, Horn reminded the audience that Rian Johnson (Looper), will direct the film slated for release on May 26, 2017.

Then in a surprise announcement, Horn informed everyone that Colin Trevorrow, director of Jurassic World, has signed on to direct Star Wars: Episode IX, which is scheduled for release in 2019.

Moving on to the new Star Wars stories series, Horn touched on the untitled standalone Han Solo film, slated for release on May 25, 2018. This will be directed by Christopher Miller & Phil Lord, (The Lego Movie) with Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon Kasdan writing the screenplay. Horn then took the audience by surprise, announcing the entire cast for Rogue One, which will be the first of the standalone Star Wars stories to hit the big screen.

Gareth Edwards (Godzilla 2014) is directing Rogue One, and tells the story of resistance fighters who have united to steal plans to the dreaded Death Star. Shooting has already begun. The full cast includes: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen, and Forest Whitaker.

Last, but not least, Alan Horn introduced J.J. Abrams, and the cast of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Harrison Ford, John Boyega, Daisey Ridley, Lupita N’yongo, and Oscar Issacs came to the stage to greet fans and discuss the film.

Ford gave an especially touching speech on his excitement for a new era of Star Wars films. They were all very enthusiastic and passionate about The Force Awakens.

Star Wars fans should be excited for what's to come. Hopefully, these films won't be as disappointing as the prequels. (Val and CFF's Martin

Anaya pictured at Disney land right).


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Pam Finney, Actor, Friend, Survivor

By CFF correspondent Kim Mims

Pamela Finney has been acting for nearly 50 years. Most of her earlier years were spent on the stage. Then she took time off for a few years to have her daughter, Gabrielle. 


When Pamela returned to acting in the ‘90s, she shifted her focus to acting for the camera and worked in that area for several years before other family obligations took her away from her passions again.  In 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer—what a wake up call!  Now cancer free, she has returned to the life that enriches and enlivens her. 

Having worked in over 30 projects in the last three years and now has her SAG-AFTRA card and is poised to make acting her full-time career. CFF caught up with Pam Finney to see what's new:

What got you interested in acting?

It all happened when I was six in the first grade in Prairie Grove, Arkansas.  I was asked to memorize a poem about a hillbilly, presented during a school production, and was hooked. I have been acting off and on my whole life since then: school, community, and church plays. I turned to studying acting for the camera in the early ‘90s.

What has been your favorite role to date?

Oh that is soooo hard. In theater work, I would say Inez Serrano in No Exit. 

For film…hmmm—the next one! 

Okay, I would probably go with Janet from Where Are The Fathers.  It is the lead role, a very complex, strong character who is also very guarded about her own true feelings.  She is very much like me in ways, so it was extremely challenging and difficult at times to play the role but also exhilarating and an experience that helped me to grow as an actor.

Tell us about the experience of going SAG.

The day that I became SAG-AFTRA eligible was one of the most exciting days of my life.  Since the first grade I have watched all the awards shows, have written a gazillion acceptance speeches, dreamed a bazillion dreams, and have recited lines from thousands of films as if I were playing the part.  Getting my card has been a huge goal for over 50 years. 

I have taken all the “must be responsible” detours along the way, but I never lost hope, never gave up on the dream.  Cancer in 2009 was my wake-up call and push to get back into acting and really go for it this time. Once I started to audition, the work just kept coming, and I worked on at least 30 projects in the last three years, searching for the elusive union project that would give me my prize. I finally got a part on a New Media webseries early this year

(2015) and had my Taft-Hartly paperwork submitted to make me eligible.

 As soon as I knew that the paperwork had been mailed, I kept looking on the SAG-AFTRA website to see whether my T-H had been processed and kept seeing, “Not Eligible.”  I had become sort of automatic at one point, just typing in my info and going back to work, but that  day I looked on the website and saw the word, “Congratulations,” I just burst into tears of joy right there at my desk at work.  I could hardly believe that it had really happened.  All the work, all the sacrifice…finally it all made the difference. Since I had some SAG projects lined up, I decided to go ahead and pay my initial fees and dues, and within a couple of weeks I had my card in my hot little hands.

What is your advice to other actors considering going union?

First of all, becoming SAG-AFTRA is not right for everyone.  You MUST absolutely love this work enough to go through lots of rejection, strain, challenges, heartache, etc.  Acting has to be an art to you and something without which you simply cannot live (or at least think that).  It cannot be about celebrity, lots of money and fame, big houses, parties, awards, etc.  You will not make it if that is your goal.  And Hollywood is full of the ghosts of those who were looking for those false gods.  You also need to do the work, train, study, research, network, and spend lots of money on all the accoutrements that come with this job. You also pretty much need to move to LA, have a support system in place, and ready to live lean and mean while pursuing your dream. You must earn it!

What is up next for Pamela Finney?

LA….  I am going to workshops in LA, getting my face in front of as many Casting Directors as I can, getting my house ready to sell, continuing all the hard work and networking, and acting when I can.  I am currently involved in three webseries, with the possibility of one more, and the possibilities of more movies.  In the meantime, I do what I can to promote the projects I have been in that are making the festival circuit, hoping for distribution and getting exposure.

Will you remember the little people?

There are no little people in my life, really.  People are important to me.  I guard my relationships and strive to keep close those who have helped me along the way, who support and encourage me.  I could not do what I have to do without these people in my life. Also, none of my accomplishments would be sweet if I cannot help others achieve their dreams as well.  This is one major driving force for me, to help others if I can.  The more clout I have, the more I can help. I want to take as many with me as I can. And maintaining connections with my friends here will keep me healthy and sane. And I love to buy things for people….

That's why we love you Pam Finney!

Producers, directors: Do you want to connect with Pam Finney?

Reach her here at CFF:

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Casting for a teen boy,

ethnic preferred, 13-14 yrs old that has theater experience for a paying bike safety video.

Shoots in Sacramento 9/5 & 6.

For those interested, please email headshot and resume to:

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