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Casting call (short drama film may31/june1)

Casting call for "Losing Kevin". Drama. Short film.Shooting film last weekend of May 31/June 1, around Sacramento.Roles:(Lead)Mark sarks late 30's early 40's recently homeless, scruffy looking, not happy with the cards life has dealt him. Seems to always be late.(Supporting lead)Kevin Rich, late 50's to early 60's. Homeless for at least a year. Seems to be at peace with being homeless and happy. Enjoys helping people. A bit of a scruffy beard. Tries his best to wash up where ever and when ever he can. Starts his day off talking to his broken pocket watch.(Supporting)Community garden leader, late 20's to early 30's. Female.In charge of the community garden. Gives people their jobs for that day.(Extra with dialogue)Little girl, 8-11.Just a little girl that talks with Mark in the community garden.Extras (no dialogue)Community garden workersHomeless peoplePatrons walking by-----------------------------------All Roles are open currently. I am doing one on one auditions right now, would prefer skype but can meet in person at a park or coffee house (if needed).Shooting only one weekend, hoping to not need reshoots.Compensation is food and credit (I'm trying to get imdb account up for the film, but if I can't I will be asking a friend to add it).So imdb credit is possible.
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Seeking cast for a short film at the end of July (Sacramento and surrounding areas)

Currently seeking actors to audition via youtube for a short film shooting at the end of July.
NON-PAID, but food, credit and possibly a copy to be provided (A copy hasn't been talked about with the creator of the short yet).

The roles are listed below. Please send a head shot and resume and what role you are wanting to read for to . I will respond with a yes or no (more descriptive then that) and a copy of the script (if you make the cut so to speak) for your video audition or in person audition if you are in the Sacramento area or willing to come down.


Mr. Charles P. Cable
A fragile man, just past middle age. Naïve. Bill Nighy (Underworld: Rise of the
Lycans) -- kind of lanky, tall, nimble even. Cares about Josie (daughter), but
they have a difficult relationship. High blood pressure causes nose bleeds. His
clothes are meticulous, but slightly threadbare -- plain dress shirt, dark slacks. He
becomes increasingly disheveled as the film progresses. House is modest, but
messy. Cubicle sparse, Spartan even.

Josie Cable
Cable's daughter. Pretty, but not typical. Assertive. College grad. Nomadic.
Appearance is eccentric/alternative, but not hipster. Lives off coffee. Cares about
her dad, but they have a difficult relationship. Feels she needs to take care of
her dad because he doesn't take care of himself. Photograph -- Josie abroad in
Europe or on the beach. At the end, she reveals her vulnerable/insecure side.

Cable's coworker. Middle-aged. Frumpy. Yenta, busybody. Fake. "Nice" to Cable
just because she's "nice" to everyone.

Nondescript. Clones. Self-absorbed. All in bland dress shirts and slacks. Mill
about in background. Have nothing to do with Cable.

The big cheese in security. Sharp, menacing. Saccharine, artificial. Underlying
threat, tension. Corrupt. Young (30s), baby-faced. Attached to smart phone.
Clever, but jumps to conclusions. Draconian. Prefers to be efficient rather than

The con artist and identity thief. Off screen, voice only role. Originally written as
a male buddy-type character, but previous production company wanted femme
fatale. Unassuming, relaxed, casual.

"Kate" is not who she says she is -- has been
tracking the office's activities for a long time and Cable is an easy target to get
what she wants (social security numbers, etc.). After manipulating Cable, there's
no trace of her -- she completely falls off the radar. Malcolm has no knowledge of her.

Cable has a soft spot for young women
-- reminds him of his daughter.

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Looking for two leads.Female lead, 20-25, under 5'9, I would say a mousy type.Male lead, late 50's to early 60's (bill nighy type).Supporting actorNeeds to be in shape.Snarky and a bit of an attitude. But I kind want a creepy look.Mentality if a boss but the position of security guard.More positions will be added.Filming at end of July.More details on roles to come.Crew is also needed.Also need a house that looks and can be made to look lived in. If its poor looking, great.I also need an office location. Cubicles great but I will settle for several desks or a location that can be used as such (then all I would need is several desks). Lets say a call center look to it.Shooting at end of July in Sacramento.Food/copy/credit. Non-paid.
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I am in need of a wardrobe designer for a short film, doing some teaser trailers soon. This is a no budget project, but food/credit/copy is provided. I have the idea for the costume and am already working on getting the wardrobe together. I just need someone with a better creative eye than myself.It's a colorful but dark style, circus/carnival ring leader get-up.
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Sleep blogging????

Okay not really asleep yet, but really really close. I take meds to help me sleep, over the counter stuff, and it knocks me out.

So here is a quick up date on what is going on in my world of film.

Awaiting location(s) permission on "blind & HEAVY" to finish what we need to this Sunday, it's been dragged on a bit too long for it's length. I enjoy being on set with everyone but will enjoy cutting it together and seeing the finished production and the smiles on people's faces when they see themselves in the film.

"blind & HEAVY" 40 minute short film about a heavy punch drunk ex-boxer, who falls in love with a blind college student.

I am waiting to hear back from parks and recreation to find out if a location is available to film in for "ORIGINS", then just have to tell the investor, so they can pay for the permits needed and the insurance. Only a one day shoot, so I can get something edited and online to show more investors and make another campaign to gain more funds to finish the Pilot episode.

"ORIGINS" Five people's lives are thrown into chaos when they find that because of their special abilities the government wants to do tests on them and decide to send other people with powers to round them up. All the while they are wondering why us five, and discovering more about their selves, their powers and those who are a part of the their group. They need to find a way to work together, otherwise all could be lost.

Working on a couple more projects, lining up a couple reality shows, a couple more series and a feature length movie.

It all drains me and makes me tired when I work on it yet makes me happy at the same time, and stresses me out. Then I sleep and wake up and do it all over again. That is the life of the creationist.

Oh also, the comic book "SCARED" is done, just awaiting funding for printing. You can help out by going to and contributing. Only 29 days left to help on it, so head over and contribute, share and leave a comment. We will have so far three local stores that have accepted distribution of the comic. You can check out SCARED on facebook at and don't forget to follow us on twitter at!/ScaredTheComic .

I am working on teaching myself to chroma key (which when you start to learn it, you find it is not all that difficult, at least in my opinion), Also purchased some Apple green fabric and pvc piping and Miscellaneous nuts, bolts and washers to create some green screen rigs as well as what's know as a fig rig (sort of like a steady cam rig, easiest explanation) here is a link to a fig rig that looks a little different then mine, but essentially the same .

Some media news for vloggers and people that enjoy podcasts, I will be putting up four ustream channels and will post the links here once the first episodes of each channel is ready to be viewed, also I have started a podcast and will post the first episode up here as soon as that is done.

Past projects I am awaiting editing on two of them which are "OUR FINAL DAYS" = awaiting sound track to be laid down and then done.

"TAKEN" just awaiting a few more edits, syncing of audio and then done.

You can view a documentary that I wrote for, edited and directed here .

Okay well that is all I have so far, I will update on more when I can.

See you on set and in the pages. -JM

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Yet another blog post on CFF

Hello Film makers, I hope all your filming is going well. As I am in editing mode for "blind & HEAVY" my 40 minute short romance film about a punch drunk ex-boxer and a blind college student. There is some drama, comedy, romance and witty banter. All actors did a great job. I am already editing on it, and still have a day or two to shoot on this film, but starting editing now will help with it getting done sooner.

Did a documentary that was too late for Cine-visionaries, but you can still see it at . I would like to thank Oak Park Sol and everyone involved for allowing us to film the work. I am hoping to film a finished community garden and add it on to the current documentary.

You can view a edited scene of "blind & HEAVY" at . A bit sad but hey sometimes that's what happens. The story is personal to me, not the part about being a punch drunk boxer, but the part about the father dying. So it took a lot of strength to stand there as Marty talks about how great of a man Dobber's was. But strong willed is what it takes to make it in film. You also pull from what you know, from your life.

Working on more to come. Bailed out of the 48 hour this year, and I was sad to do so, but it happens. Perhaps I will plan now to be in the one next year, then I will be ready. lol.

If you are ever on face book, look me up here is my page .

Also working on a comic book, which has nothing to do with filming, but the comic is a promo to help with a feature length film or long series. We will see what happens.

See you on set. -JM

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My 1st but not last blog on CFF

So all you film makers and to all you film makers in training. These are the words I bestow on to you that have been passed down to me from others. Keep it up, don't give up on what you think your dream is, if your dream is to be a cable monkey, then be the best damn cable monkey there is, if your dream is to be a great director/writer/actor then be the best damn director/writer/actor you can be. Just because may think your talent is not valid or you are not yet at your peak, do not worry about them. keep your chin up, dreams come from the head and from the heart. Do not fret on those that look down on you, they do so only out of fear, that you may one day circumvent them in their position in the film industry. No one needs to step on anyones toes to make it to the top, we can all do so together as a group, as a unit, as a team. Just don't be in it for  yourself and you will make it far. Ego has no place in the film industry.

See you on set. -JM

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