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 THE BREAK DOWN: Featuring two amazing creators. One is an online digital dynamo who can take YOUR production to the next level. The other is the head of the CFF Screenwriters and can help make your writing leap off the page! READ ON...


Kyler Miles -  Looking to level up your social media? We're not just talking about generic video content; we're talking about top-notch educational short-form video content, jaw-dropping promotional / advertising videos, and content that positions you as a true authority in your industry. Well we have the founder and creative director of MAKING IT HAPPEN, KYLER MILES, whose team specializes in making videos that will catch people's attention and build you a strong personal brand. Listen, it doesn't matter if you are a filmmaker, screenwriter or online content creator, you NEED to build a presence on the web. And our man Kyler has the tools and the know-how. to do it! Don't miss this exciting guest



Richard Broadhurst is the impresario of CFF's American Screenwriting Conference and an and award-winning playwright/screenwriter with over 40 years of experience. A regular at the Sacramento Film Festival's AMERICAN SCREENWRITING CONFERENCE with Dr Lew Hunter, Richard is a veteran of Broadway, national commercials and film. His play "Billie" was Larry Moss's first directing project at his studio featuring Noah Wyle of E.R.fame. Richard has worked with Jason Alexander of Seinfeld and Edward Asner of The Mary Tyler More Show. He has acted in many national productions including on the soap opera, One Life to Live. A member of SAG/AFTRA and Actor's Equity, Richard's "Wild Pitch" is currently with Adam Sandler’s production company. Richard has a vast arsenal of finished and polished scripts. His writing is luxurious; his characters are real, vivid and Actors love running his lines. Meet Richard and pick his brain about writing or acting in this relaxed, fun setting where anything goes...Within limits


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  • I'm really excited to learn more about screenwriting!
  • Tune in to get your questions answered!
  • Can’t wait to see this, when it’s being premiered
  • How did Richard Broadhurst get into writing scripts?
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