• Mar 31, 2017 at 9:30pm to Apr 2, 2017 at 9:30pm
  • Location: Son of A Bean Coffee and Art House
  • Latest Activity: May 31, 2019

This is ABSOLUTELY required for team leaders to attend

We start Friday Night March 31st at SON OF A BEAN! YOU'LL Get registered, pick up your assignments and roll!

48 Hours later you'll deliver a finished product. PLEASE have both your film AND your sign up form ready! 


1) RSVP to the  Friends of 48 Hour Film

2) RSVP to SHOOT WEEKEND (March 31st)

3) RSVP to WORLD PREMIERE (April 23rd)

4) DOWNLOAD your sign up form here!


Are you ready to prove your mettle in front of 900 people at the Crest Theater on April 22nd??

You must read the rules and fill out a downloadable agreement form. You ARE ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED to do ALL necessary pre-doduction.....Find crew, get actors, locations...even write a script! Find crews or additional support here or at our "friends" page: 

On Friday, 3.31 @ 6:30pm you will be given 3 things:
1) a genre
2) a named character...
3) a line of dialog...

**These 3 items MUST reflect in your finished film of under 6 minutes however, it's up to YOU how to incorporate them. I.E. - You may pull "comedy" as a genre yet you have 

No films with excessive violence or nudity worse than an R rating will be accepted...No films over 6 minutes in length will be accepted...all films must be turned in PER your SIGNED AGREEMENT and ALL films will be accepted FREE OF CHARGE!

We want to see you SUCCEED cuzz YOU are awesome!


SCANDAL!! Just like a Capital City lobbyist, pursued by ruthless foreign operatives, so too does the 48 Hours pursue your SCANDALOUS AFFAIR! Who will win the $1,000 and avoid becoming hunted relentlessly by paparazz?? Will it be YOUR TEAM?? Or, will you be harried by Russian spies, until you end up in a political quagmire, meeting beautiful, mysterious agents who wish to do you harm?? Don't let the baddie's henchmen close in on you! Escape the scandal with your life and with the money! Can you do it?? We think so!


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  • Also I forgot this earlier but if a shoot location is needed in doors, Black top comedy said their space is available, but to call first and ask with a specific time. Talk with Paul Burke
    Black top comedy
    3101 Sunset Blvd. Rocklin, CA 95677 (916) 749-3100
  • Need actors asap for tomorrow shooting. Noon until whenever we are done and makeup if possible. Thank you.
  • Let it begin ! 3rd year returning !
  • Looking forward to this event and making a film in total crunch time. Sounds like fun. 

  • Let's do some resume building, improve skills and make some great new friends.

  • I am an actress interested in acting for this project and I don't know how to join a team, but would like more information.
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