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F.O.F. is a special program created to run during Sacramento Fashion Week that demonstrates our amazing fashion scene through the movie lens!  We combine designers, models, film makers and screenwriters.



February 21st, 2019

Casting Call january 5th. 12:30pm

Save the date!

More Detail to come!




Are you a model, designer, photographer, make-up artist (etc) wanting to participate? Join this group and let's make history together! Feel free to post about your skills so our filmmakers and designers may see you.

Questions: 916.524.5138






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F.O.F. 2019!

Chinese Fashion Designer Joanna Jia joins Fashion On Film 2019!



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  • I would love to work as a model for fashion on film

  • Hopefully you can see the trailer now.

    <iframe width="480" height="270" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9VPMZ4kUVRM?feature=oembed&amp;wmode=opaque" frameborder="0"></iframe>

  • Here is the trailer for my film "Breathe Out." I am really excited to be a part of this event! Special thanks to Igor Kondrya for helping me produce the film, and models Andra Mortensen, Susanna Shkrabak, and Brianna Lala Staffler for appearing in it.

  • sorry my man. 524.5138

  • Hey Martin, I called and left a msg at the number you posted but it looks like the number belongs to someone else?

  • Hey David. Gimme a call ok? 916.524.5238

  • There will be a door option if it doesn't sell out. Thanks for helping to spread the work David.

  • Thanks Kim, I was asking about tickets for others who wait until the last minute.

  • David Alvarez. Don't wait for the door...this looks like it's going to be a sell out. Get your tix today! See you at the show!!!


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2018 is SUPER

FASHION ON FILM 2018 figures to be SUPER. With all these amazing films and filmmakers, how can it NOT be? Case in point: Our headliner is none other than Mr. James Head. Now most folks know James as a designer to the stars but did you know that he is bringing the theme of BLACK PANTHER this year?? Absolutely!  Black Panther has sold MORE pre-sale tix than any marvel movie in history and this year, you can get your BLACK PANTHER Sneek Peek at FASHION ON FILM!

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Free Conference Plus Model Call

Friends, as members of the Actors Initiative you are invited to a free conference culminating in a Casting Call for Fashion On Film 2018 THIS Saturday at 6pm. The conference is also with Rick Gott and some of the MOST amazing actors and filmmakers! All detail is here. Nearly filled up. RSVP NOW: http://californiafilm.net/events/urban-film-entertainment-summit

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Hostess and Mingle in Steam punk attire for event

Martin has mentioned that some mingling before we seat for the screening and fashion show portion (like last year provided by Rory Castillo and Laurelle Martin), remember take pictures with the attendees etc.Anyone going that might want to dress steam punk for this activity at the event ?Contact jahleajahlou@yahoo.com. I Have an extensive collection with prop weapons etc. to furnish for this purpose.Shazaam Studios on Facebook

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Fashion on Film "le chapeau génial" - Needs Cast Crew for 1/30/16 shoot

Hey film friends, Fellow filmmaker Ed Fletcher is looking for help putting together a Sacramento Fashion Week"Fashion on Film" entry. His project "le chapeau génial" is still looking for cast and crew. They're planning on shooting next Saturday. They need an art director, hair and makeup, craft services, lighting, and grip or two. On the casting side, we need child actors between 9-12 and a mom. This is a volunteer operation, but will produce a dynamic visually interesting piece of film.Contact…

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