• I've completed three feature screenplay scripts I'm hoping to turn into a franchise. The first titled N-W-G (New World Gangsters) made the Coverfly Red List top 20 in March 2023 and ranked top 23% overall on Coverfly. The WeScreenplay reader who helped with the final polish of the scripts rated it in the top 8% on WeScreenplay in May 2023, and said in his final feedback he feels it could possibly be something that could fill the vacuum that will be left when The Fast and Furious franchise comes to an end. I'm looking to find a manager, but so far it's been hard to break through that barrier for a new writer.

    "Gangbangers are coerced to join a covert crime fighting force by a local Judge to find and bring to justice all sinister forces seeking to prey on the human resources of brown and underprivileged communities where ever they may be found".

  • I have written my Biography . Its about "Fate of abusive relationship" and hosted it at

  • I finished my script for She Found Heaven Living In Hell based off my book Healing Through Feelings.  Now I’m working on a film for a feature film music composer and I’ve titled the movie The Love Of A Killer.  This movie will make you laugh, cry, make you happy and angry.  I’m really excited about this one.

  • Writing a fictional story based on some real feelings. Father and son type story mainly, with snippets of love and learning thrown in. A story about growing up in the plains of africa, then having to move to the urban jungles of a big city. Growing from a cub into a lion, the shared pride within the family. Love, loss and learning.
  • Hi!  This is Andrew Garrett, from a bit further afield--Las Vegas!

    I am currently working on a Napoleonic-era animated feature screenplay loosely based on the true story of a French soldier who is relatively well-known but hasn't had his story told in a novel or film yet.  Napoleon himself does show up, but only now and then.  :-)

  • Hey, Rob, you should contact our screen-writing group coordinator, Dawn and read some pages at an upcoming group. If you need to workshop, or simply just hear it, could be fun and illuminating. We can also do an entire table read of just your script if you like :) Her email is 


  • Awesome work Rob!

  •      I'm writing a non-fiction book, but I took a break recently to knockout a screenplay inspired  by some research I was doing. Here's the logline for The Hawksmen, a historical drama.

         "A black judge overcomes pacifist tendencies and forms a militia when the fledgling black political power structure in 1872 Georgia is threatened by the Klan."     The screenplay is pretty tight and I'm submitting it. Can there be improvements? Of course, but I'm going to consider feedback as it comes. It could sell as is but the buyer no doubt will have some ideas. 

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