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By Martin Anaya

So this past weekend some friends and I put on a major Telethon fundraiser for a TV station. Now when I say TV alot of people in related industries kind of snicker. Especially when I ad the words "local" or "community".

It seems some of our Hollywood "film" friends just think they are, well, let's be honest, above all that. But here is…


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CFF Members Remember Robin and Lauren


The California Film Foundation pays profound tribute and a fond farewell to these two screen legends. Please look below for more on both. In the case of Mr. Williams is is especially painful, not only in the manner and untimeliness of his passing but in that he meant so much to Northern California and our local film scene.

Many of our CFF members have known Mr. Williams personally and will be…


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Student Film at State Fair


Going on now and through the end of July is the California State Fair. But did you know that the Fair has a student film program? Indeed! And that program is headed up by NONE OTHER than CFF member and Sac Film Fest alum Jack Kohler.…


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Louis Mandylor, Innovative Visions Winner 2014


Louis Mandylor is one great actor! Beyond that he's also a SUPER BUSINESS MAN who just won the coveted INNOVATIVE VISIONS award at the SACRAMENTO…


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Cable TV is Dead..or Not?

The Demise of TV…Not again?

by Martin Anaya

Ok, I have a little confession for you. I am really tired of people talking about the demise of Cable television; how it is going on the trash heap of history along with the Walkman and laser discs. All this talk of Cable and broadcast TV going “bye bye” is beginning to get a bit ridiculous. I mean, haven’t we heard all this stuff before?

Look, in the 1950s, when television came on strong, the Movie industry went…


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Ani Kalafian Day To Night Celebration 2013


by Martin Anaya


Entertainment entrepeneur Ani Kalafian recently celebrated her 26th in style and you-know-who was there to capture all the action. Please check out my video interview with Ani, as well as our full pictorial of the event below.

Ani first came to my attention as an intern at Pacific Coast TV in the summer 2012. In that time she has proven herself to be a seasoned on-air personality as well as a…


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Meet Make Up Goddess Nicole Chilelli

By CFF correspondent Kim Mims

Nicole won season 3 of Sci Fy channel's "FACE OFF", a show designed to find the hottest aspiring make-up artist in the country. She has since started her own business catering to Hollywood and independent film and TV productions. She does glamour, horror and fantasy style Hollywood make-up effects and is currently…


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Proudly Saving Cats Since 1993

Proudly Saving Cats Since 1993

By Martin Anaya

Hello friends,


Just a brief note re. The Sacramento Screenwriter’s and our umbrella organization, The California Film Foundation (CFF). Did you know we have offered The American Screenwriting Conference, right here in Sacramento for the past 8 years? This highly successful conference along with other CFF events and festivals has introduced our region to the talents of top screenwriters…


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What Superman Must do

My Fondest Hope for ‘Man of Steel’

By Martin Anaya


Thinking about the new Man of Steel  film from Warner Brothers and I realize they have a lot on the line. They have put a ton into marketing and it is clear the Studio is pinning a lot on this including a possible Superman, Batman team-up and a future Justice League franchise that could, if played well, rival Disney’s Avengers for Box Office supremacy in future years. A hit could be…


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CFF Meets the Designer for #1 Movie in the World

The Iron Man of Fashion

 by Martin Anaya

A Peek Behind the Suit of the #1

Film in the World (no, not that suit)

Intrepid CFF Correspondent/Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Kimberly Mims and I recently…


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News from the Front: A Sacramento Film Festival 2013 Blog Post Pt 1


the Sac Film Fest 2013 is in full swing and already there have been too many experiences to put into words. So here's a little report from the field, as it were.Tonight is our Cine Soul program and I'm very excited as there will be several outstanding films in the showcase.



Last night we had the NorCal All Stars

 and featured…


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CFF Spotlight: DJ Sugar Shock


DJ Sugar Shock


Patricia Collins (AKA DJ Sugar Shock) has burst on the scene for her silky smooth funk and RnB grooves as well as her production skills. Known as Trish to her friends, this Houston Texas based DJ is available for parties…


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CFF Profile: Publicity Diva, Aaris Schroeder



 Aaris Schroeder has taken her love of music (particularly Hip-Hop) and created a thriving business. Her job involves meeting new people, networking, getting out into the community and working with the people within it to better ourselves in a positive light!


Aaris is an Editor, Publicist,…

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CFF Profile: The Sacramento VIPs

This week, the California Film Foundation profiles the Sacramento V.I.P.s. The group's

organizer is Karen Olson, known to her freinds simply as K.O.


The VIP's share information,…


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Indie Film Feature #1: Dennis Willis of Flick Nation


Author and Northern Californian Dennis Willis will be making his presence known at the venerable Bay Area bookstore Florey's Saturday July 14th. The occasion marks the release of his new book, "American Popcorn: Hollywood and the War on Common Sense". Full disclosure: I know Dennis and consider him a personal friend as well as a friend of Indie Cinema. That said, who better to herald the call to Floreys than someone so close to the man and his work?…


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From Charlie's Desk Video Blog for Actors

Here it is folks,

the very 1st video blog from wonderful actor and coach Charlie Holliday. Please enjoy:

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Reflections of SFF 2012 and Indie film makers

Hello friends,

Having some time to reflect on the recent Sacramento Film Festival we collected some thoughts we wish to share on the state of indie media today.

Before I do anything else however, I'd like to direct you to our CFF home page that contains pictures of our glorious Sacramento Film Awards party, held on board the Delta King April 29th ( Also, see our full list of winners at our…


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