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Pow! Film & Comic Art Collide @ CrockerCon


Amazing Illustrators, Artists Populate Crocker-Con

There were some amazing artists, illustrators and musicians on display at the recent Crocker-con event, held at the Iconic…


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Danielle Moné Truitt is an "Overnight Success"


By Chloe Teegarden…


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SFF Film Maker Creates Queer Burlesque


by Chloe Teegarden

CFF member, TL Miller, is a familiar…


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Music composer desires an opportunity to "Create" Original background music for your Film.

I love music and desire to create something substantial with others such as film or similar medium. My goal is to find another person /group who is creating a project in film that would click with my own personal vibe.

Money is not what I'm about.  I'm about releasing my soul to create something meaningful. I don't want to be a "Rock Star". I am willing put the time in necessary to do this.

If you would like to discuss a project with me, e-mail me at or…


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CFF Visits The Voice Radio Station and Mike Lidskin of "Twirl"

Here at CFF we've always considered Community Media (including community radio) a very important part of a trans-media landscape and an informed and interconnected world. On July 9th CFF paid a visit to Access Sacramento's radio operation and chatted with Mike Lidskin of Twirl Radio. 



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I'm looking for actors & actress for a film short project entitled "One Lost is Heaven's Gain"


                          CAST BREAKDOWNS - of One Lost is Heaven’s Gain

1. JOHN JERKINS -  father - African American male, - height five - nine or six feet tall, twenty five to…


Added by charley rice on March 8, 2016 at 1:25pm — 2 Comments

A Glimpse of American Film Fair !


An American Film Fair organize every year with their own glitter..Let’s take a look at AFI. The American Film Institute (AFI) is a film organization that educates filmmakers and honors the heritage of the moving picture arts in the U.S. AFI is supported by private funding and public membership.


So, what is Frameline ? “Frameline” is a huge & nonprofit media arts…


Added by Glennis Shimaoka on January 20, 2016 at 1:10am — No Comments

American Film Market 2015

2,00 new films!

1,000 production companies!

400 distributors!

Here is a brief video overview of AFM 2015. If you have an actual film product to sell, this is the best place to do it. Stay tuned for more, exclusive CFF coverage of AFM 2015 in coming weeks! As we did in years past, the California Film Foundation will keep you…


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Learning to produce(r) on the job

By Ed Fletcher 

There was a time in the not too distant past where I would have been happy to sell my screenplay “Pink” for a reasonable price and crossed my fingers in hopes the studio would actually make the movie.

Those days are now gone. After attending American Film Market in Santa Monica this November, I’m convinced that I want to be part of the critical decision making process that takes the…


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10 Things I Learned from American Film Market

By Ed Fletcher

Armed with a stack of business cards, some new pink ties and a four-day pass ($500), I recently attended American Film Market one of the world’s largest film markets to develop or sell…


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Why Not Do It? Ent. Inc Overview of Services



What we do:

Why Not Do It Ent. Inc. is a company that specializes in marketing and advertisement of product placements and target markets that will obtain your business of success. Without marketing and advertisement, businesses will not be able to get business.

Why Not Do It Ent Inc. helps develop and establish your marketing and advertising campaigns for your products and services so you can get reoccurring…


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Film financing crash course

By Ed Fletcher screenwriter/producer

I suppose the biggest difference between screenwriters and producers is the ability to ask people for favors and money.

I'm not afraid of the ask when it's my project and I'm passionate about it.

That's why…


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"Animals" a short film

Here is a link to my short film "Animals" and other films that screened for The Germ 07.   This was the version that screened, but I will have a re-edited version up soon with a different soundtrack.

Thanks for watching!


Added by Vince Cosentino on October 24, 2013 at 3:19pm — No Comments

IndieGoGo Campaign for short film "Animals"

Please help this campaign by sharing and/or contributing.

You can learn more about The Germ at

Thank you,


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Seeking cast for a short film at the end of July (Sacramento and surrounding areas)

Seeking cast for a short film at the end of July (Sacramento and surrounding areas)

Currently seeking actors to audition via youtube for a short film shooting at the end of July.

NON-PAID, but food, credit and possibly a copy to be provided (A copy hasn't been talked about with the creator of the short yet).

The roles are listed below. Please send a head shot and resume and what role you are wanting to read for to… Continue

Added by Josh Mihal on June 25, 2013 at 8:14pm — 1 Comment

CFF Meets the Designer for #1 Movie in the World

The Iron Man of Fashion

 by Martin Anaya

A Peek Behind the Suit of the #1

Film in the World (no, not that suit)

Intrepid CFF Correspondent/Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Kimberly Mims and I recently…


Added by Martin Anaya on May 15, 2013 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

News from the Front: A Sacramento Film Festival 2013 Blog Post Pt 1


the Sac Film Fest 2013 is in full swing and already there have been too many experiences to put into words. So here's a little report from the field, as it were.Tonight is our Cine Soul program and I'm very excited as there will be several outstanding films in the showcase.



Last night we had the NorCal All Stars…


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Looking for a filmmaker to help with a Kickstarter project

A friend of mine is looking for a local filmmaker to help with a Kickstarter project - needs help with concept formation, directing, filming and editing.  Please contact me at for more information.  Thanks.

Added by Casanya Ursery on March 17, 2013 at 10:53am — No Comments

Premiere of Lucifer and the Magus - A short by Charles Bryan

You are invited by Mind's Clay Productions, Mad.By.Design Studio and ZARLOE for the premiere of Lucifer and the Magus.

A short film about a guardian of humanity confronting the infamous being of light, Lucifer, in an attempt to free humankind. Is Lucifer innocent, as It claims, the patsy for evil deeds of the World Elite, or is this merely one of Lucifer's deceptions?

APR 28th, 3PM at the Artisan in…


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Lucifer and the Magus... trailer

Just uploaded a trailer for Lucifer and the Magus. Check it out...

Added by Charles Bryan on March 28, 2012 at 12:30am — No Comments

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