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Indie Film Feature #1: Dennis Willis of Flick Nation


Author and Northern Californian Dennis Willis will be making his presence known at the venerable Bay Area bookstore Florey's Saturday July 14th. The occasion marks the release of his new book, "American Popcorn: Hollywood and the War on Common Sense". Full disclosure: I know Dennis and consider him a personal friend as well as a friend of Indie Cinema. That said, who better to herald the call to Floreys than someone so close to the man and his work?…


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From Charlie's Desk Video Blog for Actors

Here it is folks,

the very 1st video blog from wonderful actor and coach Charlie Holliday. Please enjoy:

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What I have leaned from experiences at film festivals.

Needles to say, film festivals are great experiences and opportunities for filmmakers. Here are some thoughts that I had while I was participating film festivals including Sacramento Film Festival 2012.

1. When your film is shown, you can learn about what was wrong with your film because you can definitely feel the atmosphere of the audience in the theater even though they do not comment anything about your film. It is the moment that you learn most about filmmaking and the…


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How I has become a filmmaker so far.

When I was 5 years old, my family was not rich. And I was ashamed of that. So whenever I talked about my family to my friends, I created a story that I was born with lots of money. The story was so perfect for that age between my friends so all of them believed that my family was wealthy. However, soon the truth was revealed and I got in trouble. Now I remember that it was the first time when I can first see myself as a storyteller in my life.

While studying Mass Communication and…


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Talk Show VS Music Show

Recently, I had the privilege to work with some people I respect (Jim Bailey & "Richard" from Access Sacramento)on a new music show (presently unaired). I believe its called "Alive n Kicking Live", regardless its one of several projects by Sacramento's Favorite Music Promoter- Jerry Perry. Can't tell you how honored (and yes excited)to be a part of something he is attached to_fabulous.…


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What's Cool about the EPIC Camera

What's cool about the EPIC Camera: 

The EPIC Camera is a hugely evolutionary and perhaps revolutionary step in the digital cinema camera world. RED took the best things about their original camera - put the specs on steroids - and the body on a diet - and kept it at a very reasonable price. For a base price of around $30K without a lens you can be up and shooting (although pretty stripped down). The camera is beautifully small, expandable and elegant. Now to the big…


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Film Antics: Process for Editing (non-technical) your Film by Committee

Hello from Film Antics (Best Comedy for 'Stare Straight Crew' at Sac 48hr International FF)...this is Juan Sotelo, managing partner and screenwriter. 

We are a small independent production company that realizes in order for us to grow, we must have efficient and effective scalable operational processes.  I know, I hate this part of the film-making process too.  But, in order to act like you're big, you have to take advantage…


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Callin' It Like It Is Marty

Very courageous email / post of you Marty.  Not many want to hear that some think they are just "playing" at being a filmmaker.  Yup... Truth hurts.  I suppose that's the case with just about any endeavor, whether it be an artistic one or not.  Some people are really serious about it... Some just play at it hoping to get lucky without really doing any hard work.   That's why we see so many names come and go.  How many filmmakers from SIFF of, say, 10 years ago are still working at it today? …


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Reflections of SFF 2012 and Indie film makers

Hello friends,

Having some time to reflect on the recent Sacramento Film Festival we collected some thoughts we wish to share on the state of indie media today.

Before I do anything else however, I'd like to direct you to our CFF home page that contains pictures of our glorious Sacramento Film Awards party, held on board the Delta King April 29th ( Also, see our full list of winners at our…


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Deborah Whitman and Tom Pettit

Just wanted to give a shout out and many thanks to Deborah Whitman and Tom Pettit who helped me produce Breaking Ground for Peace, winner in the Cine Visionaries category of the Sacramento International Film Festival this year. I honestly didn't feel, going into the awards ceremony, that we'd win and so when our video was announced as the winner and I went to accept the award, I swear I had an out-of-the-body experience and inadvertently forgot to publicly acknowledge Deborah and Tom's…


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SFF 2012 good for the Filmmaker's Soul

I attended the Sacramento Film Festival over the last weekend of the event. I got to meet and listen to people in the movie industry and those who practice transmedia. Very educational for those wanting to make a living at making movies. 

The "Surreal" segment of the festival had many great movies. Even the Sac-Animation segment had a few enjoyable and humorous moments.

I personally learned a lot from the experience. I recommend going to next year's festival…


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Lucifer and the Magus, The Anti-Climax or Apples and Oranges

My movie Lucifer and the Magus should have won some kind of award, however it was in a category that did not win any awards at all. The movie was hidden in the Sac-Animation segment, but there was never an award for best animation. What's up with that? Not even best "fantasy"? Best visual effects? Nothing? I mean heck, the music by itself should have gotten an award.

I am appreciative of the fact that it was in the festival. But I was expecting a bit more "exposure". An audience…


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Talent & Crew Resource Directory

We recently developed  software for us to manage all of our video production resources. I don't know about you guys but is was hard for us to manage crew and other resources in other Cities & States. Therefore we created software where you can manage crew by City, talent/crew type and preference. We used to keep spreadsheets of all our contacts, but it was hard for us to know who we preferred and why we preferred them. With our new system it…


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Sacramento International Film Festival in Full Swing

The Sacramento International Film Festival opened to a packed house Saturday at the Crocker Art Museum with “A California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown,” directed by Sascha Rice.

The Sacramento International Film Festival, in its current form since 2003, has three purposes: serve as a skills incubator for the local film community, bring international films to Northern Californians and provide a forum for conversation…


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Sacramento Science News Examiner

I have been writing news articles for various community newspapers, the Elk Grove Citizen, the Two Rivers Tribune, and others over the years, and many years ago, I wrote for the big time Baltimore Sun as a freelancer.

Since 2009, I have been the Sacramento Science News and Sacramento Health News "Examiner" on

I love writing and I…


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Sleep blogging????

Okay not really asleep yet, but really really close. I take meds to help me sleep, over the counter stuff, and it knocks me out.

So here is a quick up date on what is going on in my world of film.

Awaiting location(s) permission on "blind & HEAVY" to finish what we need to this Sunday, it's been dragged on a bit too long for it's length. I enjoy being on set with everyone but will enjoy cutting it together and seeing the finished production and the smiles on…


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Premiere of Lucifer and the Magus - A short by Charles Bryan

You are invited by Mind's Clay Productions, Mad.By.Design Studio and ZARLOE for the premiere of Lucifer and the Magus.

A short film about a guardian of humanity confronting the infamous being of light, Lucifer, in an attempt to free humankind. Is Lucifer innocent, as It claims, the patsy for evil deeds of the World Elite, or is this merely one of Lucifer's deceptions?

APR 28th, 3PM at the Artisan in…


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Yet another blog post on CFF

Hello Film makers, I hope all your filming is going well. As I am in editing mode for "blind & HEAVY" my 40 minute short romance film about a punch drunk ex-boxer and a blind college student. There is some drama, comedy, romance and witty banter. All actors did a great job. I am already editing on it, and still have a day or two to shoot on this film, but starting editing now will help with it getting done sooner.

Did a documentary that was too late for Cine-visionaries,…


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