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What are the Diet & Weight-Loss secrets & Tips that Follow American Film celebrities to Look fit !

“ Stars “ they aren’t really like us. celebrities spend a good part of their lives focusing on intense fitness regimens and diets in order to appear perfect at all times.

American Film celebrities has a smashing lifestyle..but besides their films, albums, and professional career, celebrities often become known for their crazy diet and fitness plans.Like Emilia Clarke  and…


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Fashion On Film: Sacramento's Premiere Fashion Event Of The Year!

Fashion On Film is Sacramento’s most premiere event. Happens every year in February. Ther was a panel of some of Sacramento’s most influential fashionista’s discussing fashion, film, and why the two are so important to the city’s fashion culture. This is a merging of filmmakers, models, designers, make-up artist brings them all together for a documentary film that screens at the event.

We meet Christie, who specializes in head-dresses. Her next show, as she quotes it,…


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Laced Up: A Film That Helps You Understand Sneaker Culture

How far would you go for a pair of your favorite sneakers? Under our noses sneaker culture is on the rise among fans and bloggers. Laced Up is a film that documents sneaker collectors and various aspects of sneaker culture. It is not just something that isolated to the United States, but is a worldwide phenomenon. The film immediately begins with letting the audience know that the sneaker game is changing rapidly. With the influx of women whom have not only…


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Cine Soul Highlight's The Best Of Sacramento Talent!

Here I am at the Cine Soul event in Sacramento at the Guild Theater. All of Sacramento's movie movers and shakers were in atendence for film panels, movie shorts and an after party! There is so much untapped talent in this city and the California Film Foundation does its best to highlight that talent. I saw a few shorts before I had to step out, but here are two mini reviews: 

The first film to be shown is Code: Love directed by. The film is about a…


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Interview With Actress Rebecca Romjin

At New York Comic Con, I spoke to Rebecca Romijn about her role on the hit TV show The Librarians (which will soon begin its second season) and how strong female characters are changing the landscape of Television. Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), is…


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CFF At New York Comic Con 2015!

New York Comic Con 2015: An Exciting and Exhausting Day


This is my first New York Comic Con. I  wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived at the Jacob Javitz Center where it is being held. I know I didn't expect it to be crowded. Day 0 is never crowded right? WRONG!…


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American Film Market 2015

2,00 new films!

1,000 production companies!

400 distributors!

Here is a brief video overview of AFM 2015. If you have an actual film product to sell, this is the best place to do it. Stay tuned for more, exclusive CFF coverage of AFM 2015 in coming weeks! As we did in years past, the California Film Foundation will keep you…


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Film Festival

Hey everyone.  I hope you support our film Fan 27 as it's being screened at the AOF International Film Festival.

Added by Roy Leon on September 16, 2015 at 10:05pm — 1 Comment

Find Out ALL The Production Details For Star Wars: Rogue One

Lucasfilm announced at D23 their first film in the new standalone Star Wars series, Rogue One, has begun principal photography. Gareth Edwards (Godzilla, Monsters) is directing Rogue One, which tells the story of resistance fighters who have united to steal plans to the…


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D-23, Star Wars Secret Slate Revealed


By Valerie Greene

I got first hand knowledge of the Star Wars film slate. I went to the D23 Live Action panel! Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn took the stage to present the Lucasfilm slate and timeline to the D23 expo fans. Horn reminded…


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D23 Expo Announces Full Star Wars Film Slate

I got first hand knowledge of the Star Wars film slate. I went to the D23 Live Action panel! Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn took the stage to present the Lucasfilm slate and timeline to the D23 expo fans. Horn reminded everyone that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on December 18, 2015.

His real goal was to touch on the Star Wars film slate through 2019. Touching on Star Wars: Episode VIII, Horn reminded the audience that Rian Johnson (Looper), will direct the… Continue

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Pam Finney, Actor, Friend, Survivor

By CFF correspondent Kim Mims

Pamela Finney has been acting for nearly 50 years. Most of her earlier years were spent on the stage. Then she took time off for a few years to have her daughter, Gabrielle. 


When Pamela returned to acting in the ‘90s, she…


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Summer Film Program for Teens

Providing students of all ages & backgrounds with opportunities to learn about themselves and the world through film. Film has the power to inspire, to educate and to create community. CFI Education is building the next generation of filmmakers and film lovers through its creative film programs for Bay Area students, serving 6,500 young people and hundreds of educators, adults and families…


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i Continue

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CFF & Sacramento International Film Festival Greetings

Hello CFF & Fellow Filmmakers!

First & foremost, a huge thank you to SFF for giving me the opportunity to share my story and for providing a wonderful space to connect with other talented artists.

Second, a huge congratulations to all the filmmakers out there who will also be sharing their stories with us at SFF this year.

I am looking forward to meeting and sharing my slice of life with you all in a couple months - please find me on LinkedIn & let's continue…


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List Yourself & Gear in our Production Database

We’re taking our vendor contacts spreadsheet and turning it into an online gear-rental database — GearGator! GearGator makes it easy for anyone, anywhere in the world to find gear for rent, book support crew or rent their gear to others. You’ll get connected withprospective gear-renters simply by registering and adding your gear. 

When you get a chance, add your gear to the database by clicking on “Create a listing” on the home page. We made it Super Quick to add all…


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The Art of the Interview

In this business, corporate videos are a large staple and continuing source of revenue for most video production companies. In most of these corporate/industrial videos there is a reliance on what…


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Learning to produce(r) on the job

By Ed Fletcher 

There was a time in the not too distant past where I would have been happy to sell my screenplay “Pink” for a reasonable price and crossed my fingers in hopes the studio would actually make the movie.

Those days are now gone. After attending American Film Market in Santa Monica this November, I’m convinced that I want to be part of the critical decision making process that takes the…


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My Digital Life

By Martin Anaya

So this past weekend some friends and I put on a major Telethon fundraiser for a TV station. Now when I say TV alot of people in related industries kind of snicker. Especially when I ad the words "local" or "community".

It seems some of our Hollywood "film" friends just think they are, well, let's be honest, above all that. But here is…


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10 Things I Learned from American Film Market

By Ed Fletcher

Armed with a stack of business cards, some new pink ties and a four-day pass ($500), I recently attended American Film Market one of the world’s largest film markets to develop or sell…


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