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Hey Frank, Do You Know Any Investors?

How many times to do I hear that one? Happened again last week. It's really beginning to become a burr under my saddle. It's becoming a euphemism for "do you know any suckers who will give me a gift of money?". These filmmakers rarely have a business
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Thank you to CFF

Hello All,
I just wanted to thank everyone for inviting me to speak last night and being so incredibly gracious and supportive. I had a really great time talking meeting with you all. The amount of creativity and drive in the room was truly inspiring
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The Purpetual Padawan

So as we discuss what will really help local film making everybody has a take. Some will tell you that the most important thing is getting better state film incentives or getting a meeting with the state film commissioner, a Hollywood executive, the

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Been getting personal invitations to this meeting as if it's THE most IMPORTANT event concerning Indy filmmaking in Sacramento. What??? I cannot understand exactly what effect the California Film Commissioner (Amy Lemisch ) would have on Independent
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Sundance Distribution Offers

Some numbers are in for distribution offers at Sundance (as reported by Stacy Parks from Film Specific):

"In terms of ALL RIGHTS North American deals we're seeing ranges from the low to mid six figures up to the top price of $5 million (of course the
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