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Magus Movie Update

Whew! I took last week off in the attempt to finish all the VFX on my movie short. With all the multi-tasking and lacking social life, I was almost 100% finished. One effect still needs development and a few need some fixing and re-render. I was sooo

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I am inspired by this invitatiion and I would LOVE to attend .. to  contribute and be a part of this Visionary invitation .. as an actress, filmmaker and poet this invite makes my heart 'skip a beat.'

My heart and soul are with you ..unfortunately the

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NexphraseProductions is excited to announce auditions for a trailer for the screenplay MidNight Bandits.

When: August 20, 2011

Where: 5250 Date Ave Suite A

Sacramento California 95841

Time: 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

MidNight Bandits is about criminals wh

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Thoughts on Teaching Acting

I have been an actress( Theatre, Film, TV)  and a Director of Theatre for many years and never really thought about the merits of it until I started teaching acting classes.  Why we do what we do and does it really matter or does it matter that it ma

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Comic Books Come to life

With a slew of comic themed films out this year including Thor, Capitain America, Green Lantern and yet another X-Men movie it has me pondering just how far we've come.


In my day we salivated at the mere thought of seeing one of our beloved comic h

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